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Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2009


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This Is The Day and One Drop of Rain

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 10/13/2009

(A song from the Lord Jesus)

“The sound of light has spread across this place; the light fills the earth,

The love of heaven fills every heart as the angels of light shine forth.

Shine glorious light, fill the heavens and fill the earth, shine mighty light,

The heavens rejoice, the Father sings and the angels bow and they worship.


This is the day, the time has come, let the light of heaven fill all the earth,

I sing my song of love; I lift my hands and my voice unto the Light.

This is the day, I shall bow upon the earth and man shall be formed,

This day the man shall be made in our image and in our very likeness.

             This is the day; it is the beginning of the history of man, the beginning,

This is the day, the angels rejoice, I and my Father sing, the time is here.

The destiny of man begins; his journey shall be one of great love and promise,

All my tears, all my joy, all my love are deep within my light this day.


I have longed, I have waited for this day, it is here, let angels rejoice,

Today man shall be formed and he shall receive our breath of life.

Within him the light shall live, the wilderness testing will begin,

For this is the day, a day of promise, a day of destiny, a day of joy.


Give this man your light Great I AM, give him your very presence,

Lift him when he falls, be merciful and be ever with him my Father.

You are the Eternal Light, you are the Great I AM, I have such love for you,

This is the day; from this beginning man shall live and fill the earth.


The destiny is promised, man shall learn the ways of heavenly light,

Within man there will be a light, our very essence shall fill him.

Light shall live and shall grow, for oh my Father, this is the day,

We have waited and now all is ready, all heaven sings and rejoices.


Tears fall upon Crystal Sea, for this day the man and his wife have failed,

Tears fall, but the destiny remains, for I shall come and I shall redeem.

Tears fall upon Crystal Sea, for this is the day when I shall be crucified,

Tears fall and the angels sing for this is the day that the Father calls.


Trumpets sound and angels rejoice, for Great I AM this is the day,

My saints of light shall rise and the light shall be gathered this day.

This is the day when man shall stand upon Crystal Sea, tears shall fall,

Lift hands and rejoice, let heavenly angels and saints sing, for this is the day.”

(a song from the Lord Jesus)

“Light gives power to light and it was light that brought life unto you,

God said, “Let there be light” and the light was sent forth unto the earth.

Jesus is my name and I am he who bowed down to worship upon earth,

I cried tears of joy and from my tears I formed man from the clay.


One drop of water from my eyes was the beginning of the man,

My tears still fall and by the power of my tears life can be saved.

One drop of rain led to the destruction of the earth for man sinned,

One ray of light began the process of the restoration after the rain.


One word of love can change the path of another, just one small word,

One act of kindness, just one moment of reaching out to another.

One smile, one hug, one word of tender and kind love my children,

One drop of rain can lead to a stream which will lead to a river.


You are as the rain, you are daughters of light and keepers of my joy,

Share the joy that is within you, spend the blessings I daily give.

Be as one drop of rain and let one salty tear change another one’s life,

One drop of rain can become a river that flows unto an ocean.


A salty tear fell from the eyes of my Father the day I died,

One tear started the rain that fell that day on Golgotha’s hill.

One drop of rain washed my blood unto the earth and it was cleansed,

One drop of blood redeemed the earth and the men of and upon it.


One ray of light can make a flower grow, one ray of hope can restore,

One drop of rain can give water to the thirsty, life unto the perishing.

Be as one drop, let your lives join in love for others, flow forth,

Be as a mighty river, for the river begins with one drop of rain.”





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