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Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2009


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Come Close Unto Me and I Desire

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 10/13/2009

(a song from the Almighty God)

“Come close unto me my children, come and let my hand of love be felt,

Feel my breath, feel my tender touch of love, come, come unto me.

Come close unto me, come and enter my gates with praise my children,

Come, come and hear my words of love, feel my tender hand upon you.


I call unto you thou people of the light, hear my voice and come to me,

Come my children, I call unto you, come, come close unto me.

I have words of love, I have words of hope, I have words of light,

You are of me; you are the people of my light, the people of my breath.


Why do you allow doubt to enter in my people, why do you not see?

These words are my words and these words I sing unto thee.

I stand before my throne, I stand upon Crystal Sea and I sing,

My arms are opened wide, my voice calls, come, come close unto me.


I knew your name before the earth was formed, you are my people,

Do you not know my tender love that desires to hold you close to me?

You allow muted light, you allow pride and you allow barriers,

I stand and I call, but you must choose to hear and to obey my voice.


There is no darkness that shall prevent my light, no power can stand,

There is no enemy I can not defeat, let me be thy Mighty Champion.

Come close, come close unto me for I am the Father of Light, come,

You are of my image and likeness; you are of my heart and my soul.


Come close unto me; let me tell you words of my love for you my people,

Allow me to lead you unto my heavenly glory, come, come close unto me.

It is my desire to lead you unto my Son’s everlasting Kingdom of Light,

Come; come for I have a destiny, a promise above all measure.

               People of the light, do not allow doubt, let no fret or worry come in,

I am thy deliverer; I am the Yakahalahiym, the Eternal Light of all.

Come, come close unto me for I have words of truth, pearls of wisdom,

Come, come and be in the shelter of my robes, come close unto me.


When the storm is upon you call my name and I shall send my light,

Angels of light will go forth and they will comfort, they will guide.

I stand upon Crystal Sea, I stand and my arms are open unto you,

Come, come and be with me, choose light, choose me, come close unto me.



My people, I am with you and have been with you always. In trust you shall learn of me, in surrender I shall be known of you. I stand, and I sing and I call you unto me. Why do you flee my promised blessings, why do you not claim thy destiny of light? You are my people; you are the children of my light. My people, my heart yearns for you to come close unto me and to remain within my heavenly light. Be thou my warriors, be defenders of the faith, be vessels of my light that grows within. Hear my song of love and come, come close unto me.”

(a song from the Almighty God)


“Before the earth was formed, before my Son knelt in the dust of the earth,

I had a desire for you, I had a destiny for you and you alone.

I desire blessings for you, I desire mercy to flow down unto you,

I desire repentance and I desire obedience, so much that I desire.


You are chosen of me, you are my beloved, I have a desire for you,

I see the end and I know the beginning, I know all for I AM.

I see those who shall be upon Crystal Sea, I see and I rejoice,

I desire you to be there, I desire everlasting life for each of you.


I weep for I see those who fail to trust and those who rebel,

Why do you not want my desires of love? Why do you flee my love?

I desire your descendants to be as the sands of the seashore,

I desire you to believe, I desire you to fulfill your destiny of light.


I desire, oh how I desire you to come before me and repent,

Put away the darkness, trust and surrender, for I desire.

It grieves my spirit when I see your future without my light,

I call unto you, I beseech you to repent and that you fulfill my will.


Do not take my love and cast it away, cherish my call and blessings,

Fulfill my desire and be of the everlasting light, oh come unto me.

Come and fulfill my desire, be of the light that forever shines,

I desire life, I desire blessings, I desire you to be with me.


       What do you desire my people? Do you desire endless life or sorrow?

Can sin for a day replace everlasting joy and peace with me?

Hear my desire, feel these words, hear the love in my voice,

I desire you to be of the everlasting light, come for I desire.


My people, come unto me and repent. Follow the light in obedience and surrender. Answer heaven’s call and repent and seek me for I desire, oh how I desire.”




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