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Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2009


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The Benefits of Obedience

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 10/13/2009

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and these are words to help my people to learn the power of obedience. There are absolute laws of light that have been established which require obedience to set into action the motion established. Without action the established motion will not manifest and without obedience law has no meaning or benefit. There are absolute laws within the universe which are not affected by your action. Man has no influence over the seasons, upon the rotation of the earth, or upon the power of the sun. There is much that you do not affect and much that you can not change. There are also laws that require obedience and without obedience there will be no action and no motion. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant shall receive words from a man who knew the power and benefits of obedience. In obedience you see law and action. Many laws require obedience and obedience itself has law that surrounds. Our ways are above your ways but the way of obedience can be known of you for obedience is a choice made. You shall be given the words of a prayer spoken, for it is a prayer of great power for it was spoken by a man who learned the ways of light. These words reveal unto you some of the benefits of obedience.

‘Great and Mighty God and Precious Savior of mankind, I come before you this day to offer my prayer of thanksgiving and to bring my praise unto you. I have joy in my heart for I have learned the ways of obedience, for my life is surrendered unto your will. Earlier this day I had a friend ask me why I desire to walk in obedience unto your will and your commands. He sees with the eyes of the flesh and not with the eyes of the spirit. He sees that the wicked seem to prosper more than the righteous and that they seem to not struggle as much as those who desire to please you. Men often look only to what is visible and do not look unto what is hidden. The root of evil is evil and the fruit of evil is evil. Men may appear to have joy and prosper but what is shown is not always a reflection of what is truth. I have peace for I walk in your light. I have blessings which overflow but may go unnoticed by the eyes of the world. I told him some of the benefits of obedience and since our discussion my mind has been upon this thing. I have thought of more and it is my desire to praise you for your laws of light that bring benefit and blessings to those who choose to walk the path of obedience. These are some of the benefits that I see in obedience.

Obedience brings joy that grows within and shines unto others.

Obedience brings peace for your spirit within is not grieved.

Obedience brings hope for it calls upon promised blessings given.

Obedience brings trust for it leads us to a place of surrender.

Obedience opens our hearts to receive more of thy truth and instruction.

Obedience prepares our spirit to receive more of thy spirit.

Obedience is the action set into motion by the surrendered heart.

Obedience is a reflection of a love that says “Yes, Lord” to all thy commands.

Obedience is the pattern within and brings contentment and removes all fear.

Obedience brings the power of knowing that you are our God and our King.

Obedience reveals the secret things of the Almighty unto us.

Obedience leads us to desire more of thy holy presence.

Obedience is a law of light that releases the power of light and prepares us to learn more of the light.

Obedience brings health unto our bodies both physical and spiritual.

Obedience prepares our hearts for worship and helps us to give you all praise.

Obedience is the power of light that leads unto the place of acceptance.

Obedience gives power to obedience and leads us to even greater levels of obedience.

Obedience brings us love and gives us more power to love.

Obedience is a law of love and is connected to love and can not exist without love.

Obedience is the will of God and his Son and obedience brings the power of heaven unto us to be mighty in our lives.

Obedience is the desire of the Almighty and his Son, and being in harmony with their desire shall bring us everlasting light.

Please help me, Lord, to always walk in complete obedience before you. There are blessings of obedience that I know I have not mentioned and I pray that you will help me to learn more of the ways of obedience, for I desire to please you in my every thought, word and action.’

My people, learn the power of obedience and learn to see with the eyes of the spirit and count thy many blessings, for in obedience you fulfill my joy and I shall fulfill my will in each of your lives.”





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