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Volume 2, Issue 9, September 2009


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The Road of Sorrow

Ken Nix

Tuesday, 10/13/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and Mighty King. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and these are words to help my people to learn the power of the obedience of love and the power of praise in sunshine and in sorrow. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall receive images and words of the past, for in the cloud of glory the past and future become the present. This day I give you words about a man you have read about in Parable 69. His name is Alchimus and he was most beloved. You have read of how he lost six of his seven sons and how his wife was also murdered. Through all of his trials of life he praised us and he never allowed bitterness or self-pity to enter into his heart. My people, in the days before you there shall be trials and there shall be sorrow. You must learn the power of obedience and the power of surrender as seen in your praise. When your life is completely surrendered you shall praise us for all the days that you have, for you shall know that your life is within our hands of mercy and love. Our love for you is great but there are events that happen in the lives of men. Some of your sorrow is due to your choices made and some sorrow is due to sins of the fathers and sins of nations. There is also time and chance that come unto all men. Our angels of light surround and protect and they can prevent accident and death; but you must realize that we see the end from the beginning, and some events we allow for it is the spirit within that shall live beyond your experience in the flesh. There is much joy in life, and the days of light shall someday never end; but between now and my endless kingdom you shall walk the road of sorrow for it is a path that all must some day walk, for life in the flesh involves pain and sorrow. Without sorrow the heart would not understand the fullness of mercy and the fullness of love, for you are not yet walking in the spirit. Some day in my kingdom all death, all pain, all sorrow shall pass and be no more, but for those who shall be of the resurrection of light, you must learn the power of praise and the power of obedience and you must walk the road of sorrow. Let the story of Alchimus help you to learn the power of praise in all seasons of life.


‘Great Father in heaven and my King, Lord Jesus, I bow before you this day and I worship. This is a day of sadness for me my God, for as you know this day I shall bury my beloved wife. I praise you for allowing her to be my wife. Life with her was joy that helped in our days of sorrow. There are tears before laughter and often it is the sorrow that brings the fullness of joy. Oh my Lord, such sadness fills my heart but I praise you, for you give and you take away. You hold all life within your hands of tender love and mercy, and even when I do not understand your will, I know that your will is perfect and that your love is without end. I trust in your love and I trust in your perfect will. In surrender I bow for you are my God, and Jesus is my King and my Savior. I know that my wife now sleeps and I know that she shall rise when the trumpet of the resurrection sounds and I know that in each others arms we shall rise up unto thy glory and forever we shall worship and we shall praise. In all of life’s sorrows and in all of life’s joy, I praise you my God and my King.’


‘Alchimus, such sorrow fills my heart this day. My daughter has been slain by the soldiers who first had their way with her. I can not help but feel that this is due to your speaking boldly the name of Jesus. Why do you worship a man, for he was not the Son of the Almighty? You filled my child with your lies and now she is gone. You have buried six sons and today you bury your wife, when will you open your eyes to see that the God of our fathers is punishing you for your false worship of the man Jesus?’

‘Menonay, you speak from the heart of a father who grieves, but you speak foolishly. I have known sorrow but I have also known days of great joy. What man can say that he has never had sorrow in his life? Is sorrow evidence of the retribution of God or is sorrow evidence of a greater love? What man can expect a life of joy and never walk the road of sorrow? Did the children sin when the Egyptians slew the males among them? Did the babies walk in darkness when Herod slew the young ones of Bethlehem? There is joy in life and there is sorrow in life. Do we only praise in joy and sunshine or do we also praise in sadness and sorrow? My wife was dear unto me and we had a life of joy, but we also have known the pain of the death of those we love. I have buried six sons and I miss each of them every day. There is sorrow within but I have not allowed sorrow to prevent the fullness of joy. I am grateful for the joy that I knew with each of their births and for the days of laughter and joy that each brought unto me. Can I praise the God of all things for the gift of love that I held in my hands and not also praise him if he takes that life from me? Who am I to question the will of the Great I AM and who am I to doubt his perfect love and perfect will? You speak as one without understanding. I know your grief this day for I have buried six sons and you have been there through the pain and sorrow. Focus upon the joy to help you in the days of sorrow. Know that this shall pass and we shall laugh once more. See with the eyes of hope and believe in the perfect love of God. Jesus walked this earth and performed miracles no man has ever seen before and spoke words of love and wisdom. I have seen the dead raised and the blind man see, so I know that he is the living Son of the Almighty. My only son now approaches, let us greet him with hugs of love and the touch of comfort, for this day he buries his mother and sorrow fills his heart.’


‘Great Father, I bow once more before you at the end of this day of sadness. Tomorrow I shall leave this place and I shall fight against the soldiers who walk upon the promised land. I have tried the path of peace but now I feel I must lift my sword. I have fought before but have tried to be at peace. Forgive me if my desire is not of you. Our people in the past lifted the sword against our enemies and you brought them great victories. I pray that you will also bring me victory against those who murdered my wife. I do not seek revenge; I simply feel that I must now fight. I have walked the way of peace, now I must walk the path of war. The road of sorrow has been a frequent road for me in my life, but my life has been one of peace and fullness. I have peace in you Lord Jesus, peace that no man can understand unless he too walks the path of light. I know that I shall see my sons and my wife once more in your kingdom of light. May I live to bring glory and honor unto you my God and my King. Forgive me if my path is not your will but I feel led to once more lift sword and shield. I wrote a poem this day that I desire you to hear. It speaks what is within my heart and it helped me to express the sorrow and the joy that has filled my life.


The Road of Sorrow


There was joy in my mother’s heart the day that I was born unto her,

There was joy when she saw me wed a woman of great love.

There was sorrow in my heart when my dear mother passed from life,

Sorrow comes unto all living for life is but as the morning dew.


The road of sorrow has been the path under my feet so many days,

It is a road of tears, a road of grief and a road of sadness.

Can a man only walk the path of joy and never know of sorrow?

                  Life molds us and life shapes the heart of love deep within us.


I lift my hands in praise and I worship my God and my King,

You are the God who gives and you are the God who takes away.

I bow and I worship, in the storms of life I shall worship,

On the road of sorrow I worship for I do not walk this road alone.


You lift me up when my feet are weary; you take my hand and lead me,

When I laugh with joy thou art with me and when I cry you see.

When the road of sorrow becomes hard you are beside me, you comfort,

You are ever with me for you, Great Father, have lost a Son to death.

You, dear Father, know the sorrow of the loss of ones you love,

For you love us all and know our every thought and see our deeds.

You too have walked the road of sorrow my precious Savior and King,

You carried your cross upon the long and dusty road of sorrow.


The road of sorrow is not a road that we walk alone, you are with us,

Your hand of mercy can be felt and your hand of love can be seen.

I praise you upon this road of sorrow for you are my God,

Help me walk the paths set before me and let me ever praise.’


Learn the power of praise in joy and in sorrow. Obey all that is asked of you and learn the power of surrender and the power of praise. When you are upon the road of sorrow, stop and bow before me, lift hands and praise; and be still and feel the hugs sent from heaven and feel the gentle touch of love and see my tears that fall in the dirt at thy feet for blessed son and blessed daughter. I am ever with you and I walk the road of sorrow with you, for I know the pain and the grief you feel for your joy is my joy and your sorrow is my sorrow. Praise us in all the days of your life for I am ever with you.”




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