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Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2009


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Shields Of Light

Ken Nix

Monday, 8/24/2009

Kenneth Nix

In a recent message from our Lord Jesus, He stated, “You need to be shields of light for those you love and for those lost and alone.” What does it mean to have a shield of light?  What does it mean to be a shield of light? What does it mean to pray a shield of light? We have been given the keys to be both shields of light and swords of light but do we have understanding? This article focuses upon being a shield of light for each other as the people of light, being a shield of light for our loved ones and being a shield of light for the world.

To have understanding, perhaps it would help if we try to find keys in being a shield by breaking the word down into an acronym.

S - surrender every thought, word and action unto God.

H - humility must be your cloak to guard against pride.

I - in the center of light must be your standing place. To be in the fullness of God. To realize the power within.

E - eyes to see and ears to hear are necessary to be a shield unto others.

L - light gives power to light, all the fruits of light must be evident in your life. L is also for the love of obedience and the obedience of love, which will bring the fruits of light into your life and into the life of others.

D - diligence in your daily sacrifice                             

 Jesus told us in a recent message that we were the people of the light and that it was more than just a name. We are the people of light! We need to know how much power we do have and what a difference we can make!

Enoch explained in Parable 87 that  we actually have three shields that help us in our battle against darkness. The shield of light is our defense, but it can also be a defense for others.  The first shield is ours and is based on our walk in the light. The second shield belongs to our guardian angel and his power to aid is also affected by our walk in the light. The third shield are the warrior angels of light that can come to our defense and to the defense of others; this is also affected by our walk in the light. So the items I listed under the acronym of shield are very important. Let’s look at the first one. We must surrender every thought, word and action unto God. In the message, “Unto The Four Corners,” we are told, “Every action of darkness feeds the darkness, but every action of light gives power to light. Every act of mercy, every word of kindness, love, gentleness and mercy gives power to the light within and without.”  We are told in the same message that every thought, word, and action must be in and of the light. We have to have the power from the Eternal Light, who will lead, guide, and strengthen us if we will only yield and surrender.  Total surrender is the path we must walk to be within the power of the light to shield ourselves and others.

Humility is how we are to walk the path given us. In humility we will find great power to strengthen our shields of light. It is when we are in surrender and humility that Satan will be unable to penetrate our shield with fiery darts. For it is in humility and surrender that faith can truly take hold in our life. For when we have pride, we have faith in our own wisdom, faith in our own abilities. In pride we feed the darkness.                                 

In the center of the light is where we must stand, otherwise we will succumb to muted light which is darkness. We can't skirt the edges when following Christ. It is in the center of the light that we will know the fullness of God and will once again be able to shield others.

Eyes of the spirit and ears of the spirit will allow us to focus on the spiritual instead of the physical. Man is a spirit inside a physical temple, and to have eyes and ears of the spirit helps us to look at others in this way. It allows us to be aware of the needs around us. It allows us to help others and to give light, which in turn, strengthens our shield of light and theirs. It helps us to see the path we must walk and helps us guide and protect others.

Light gives power to light. When we walk in the fruits of the spirit, we help defeat the darkness in others. We strengthen the light and we help others see what is missing in their lives. We can make them desire the fruits of life. It is no coincidence that the past two Sabbaths in Fredericksburg we had visitors. The first visitor was attracted by the fruit of joy that was evident. The second visitors were attracted by the fruit of love that was evident. These fruits of light gave power to their light and strengthened their shield. These fruits of light attract others to join the path of light. It helps us to join together in the power of united light.

Diligence in the daily sacrifice is crucial to our shields of light. It is in prayer, worship and praise that we become mighty in the light. It is what gives us the strength to walk each day in light. Prayer is our greatest weapon and is a mighty tool in shielding others. All of these elements are necessary for our shields to be strong. We strengthen our shield and the shields of the angels.  The more we walk in the light, the greater the light shines within and without and our shield shines brighter. In a parable of Enoch, Jesus shows us that our shield can shield new ones of the light, it can protect our children and loved ones, and to be a warrior, we need to lift our shields to stop the arrows of darkness and to protect others. We are the people of the light and this is our calling. Lift up your shields in every word, thought, and action. Lift up your shields by example. Lift up your shields by prayer.



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