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Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2009


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Prayers Of Light

Ken Nix

Monday, 8/24/2009

I bow before the Mighty Ones of heaven this day and I seek your mercy to fall down upon me. I am here within this prison, and it is my prayer that you give me strength and that you strengthen your people. Trials are evidence of the light shining, but some of your sheep become disquieted when they see your servants beaten and in chains. My life is the fulfillment of your word, but some fail to see. The sunshine of joy is easy upon all men but the darkness of storms can cause the little ones to waver. I have given them many words, but words not acted upon do not build a firm foundation. Trials come unto all men and I pray that you will send peace unto those who suffer, for your love is without measure. The power of light is within thy people, fill them with the light of your presence and let them know that the power within is far greater than the power without. Let them have the faith that shall not waver. I send light unto the people of the light who feel doubt and unto those who struggle. Make the armor of light strong and increase their shield of light, oh Lord. By the power of heavenly light, I send light unto them to lift them and strengthen them. I do not worry about my life, for my life is within your hands of love. I sleep the peace of one surrendered unto thy will, but some of your people do not see with eyes of the light; they see the storm and do not see the one who can calm any storm. Be their rock and strong foundation. Send your light unto them to join with their light within so that they will stand firm in the days of trial. Your power has no end, Great I AM, and all power has been given unto your Son and my King. Send heavenly light to loosen the chains that oppress, and send water unto the thirsty and comfort unto those alone. Be our vision and our guide Lord Jesus, be ever present and give us the courage to walk the path set before us each day.”


“Lord Jesus, Son of the Most High, I come before you to speak words for thy sheep. You are our shepherd and King and your lambs and your people need your help. I bow before the Great I AM and I worship the Great Light of all living. I bow in the presence of your light and I bow before your glory. I am but a man, but I know you are with me. You have delivered me from many trials, for you are our deliverer. The leaders of your chosen nation seek to destroy the church founded upon thy true words Lord Jesus. They do not see and they do not believe. They remain blind, as I was once blind, and they do not see that the Son of promise has come and fulfilled the words of the prophets. Their anger grows and they move against your people. I pray that you will soften their hearts and have mercy upon them. They, too, are the sheep of your pasture and I seek your love and forgiveness to come down upon them. Open their eyes unto thy light and truth my King. Open the eyes of those blinded by pride so that they will see. Have mercy upon those lost in so much darkness. Your light shines forever my Lord, give them eyes to see.

Allow your chosen ones to find peace within any storm and give them eyes that see. So many have been beaten and hurt my God, so many have been persecuted for walking in your heavenly light; have mercy and make a way of escape for those who suffer. Let the captives be seen with favor by their captors and let mercy fall down. My heart aches at all the suffering of those innocent before you. I know your will is perfect Lord Jesus, but I ask for mercy. The evil ones attack the children and the weak. Shield them with thy light and embrace them with thy love. Increase their light within and send angels of light to protect and to defend. Be our strong tower and deliverer. Give those persecuted for your sake the eyes to see your heavenly angels, and give them the peace that you are within and that your will for them is perfect. I send light unto my brethren to increase their light within. Give me strength to walk in the fullness of your light so that my prayers shall be spoken from a position of power. Let me be filled so that your light overflows unto those around me. Let my words and actions always increase the light within others and let me do nothing to weaken the light and faith of others.  Send heavenly light to strengthen and deliver us my King, rescue those who perish and open the heavens to send forth thy mercy.”



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