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Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2009


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Ken Nix

Monday, 8/24/2009

(A song from the Lord Jesus)

“Destiny calls unto you my daughters; destiny knocks upon thy door my children,

Come to the place where your desire is my desire, your hope becomes my hope.

There is a destiny of light deep within; will you answer destiny’s call?

Destiny whispers, destiny calls gently in the night, come, come unto me.


Would Abraham have received the promises had he not made his journey?

Would Moses have led my people through the sea had he not come unto the bush?

Destiny calls unto those chosen and set aside, destiny calls unto you,

Will you hear the call, will you go as you are sent, will you obey my voice?


Mary believed and she was my mother upon earth, hers was a life of great destiny,

You seek to know, you seek to understand, you search for your true destiny.

Can your destiny be found in doubt; can it be found in the shadows of fear?

Destiny calls and destiny knocks, will you answer and come unto me?


Did the women of faith have clear vision or did they trust and obey our will?

Must the road be clear, must the destination be known before you take the path?

Come unto me, hear my voice, come my children, lay all upon my altar of love,

Give me your hopes and dreams, give me your lives and fulfill you my will.


Choices shall be made in the sunshine but they shall prepare you for the night,

Must you know all the details to trust or is trust found in complete surrender?

Destiny calls, destiny knocks upon thy door, will you open the door dear ones?

Trust in my love, trust in my perfect desire, trust in my guiding light.


The path is set before you, will you answer the heavenly call my children?

Who will step upon the path, who will go for me and go as I send thee?

Will you stand and declare that, “Here I am Lord, Here I am, send me?”

Destiny calls, destiny knocks, hear my words of love and go for me.”










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