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Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2009


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Lights of Love

Ken Nix

Monday, 8/24/2009

(A song from the Lord Jesus)           

“Tender mercy came unto the child lost and alone, sad and full of sorrow,

Tender hearts grow bitter when tender hands of love cause hurt and pain.

Cries in the night, tears upon thy pillow, cry from a heart broken,

Lights of love surround you and they bring you gentle hugs from heaven.


My angels of light remain near unto my dear ones, lights of love are sent,

Lights of love see the young woman afraid to take her steps into life.

Hugs are given; words of encouragement are given, lights of love come,

My eye is ever upon you, my ear hears thy every prayer, thy every sigh.


Trials and tribulations, promises made and promises broken, tears fall,

Dreams become shattered as the ice which falls, shattered and destroyed.

All is lost, nothing will ever be the same, sadness fills, love is sent,

Lights of love circle you, they lift and they give you peace and calm.


Terror in the night, dear ones are hurting and life becomes so precious,

Hear my cries oh Lord, send thy light of tender mercy, send thy light.

Lights of love circle and surround, lights of love bring comfort unto you,

Do not turn to vices of the world, seek me and find joy in me my child.


Decisions must be made for you are so young and not able to bear thy load,

Tears are shed for a love lost, tears fall upon thy pillow my child.

Be at peace for my way is not always clearly seen, be at peace,

In your trials, in your sorrows, lights of love circle and surround.


Be tender my beloved, send light unto the lost, unto the hurting my child,

Be lights of love, send the light, send your love, send words of mercy.

Lights of love circle and surround, lights of love cry tears and they pray,

Lights of love shall never leave you, lights of love are sent by my love.”






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