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Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2009


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A Heart That Sees

Ken Nix

Monday, 8/24/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words of light and love that will help my people to better understand why tender hearts of love are needed in order to know the fullness of heavenly light. It is my desire that these words be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. Days of joy shall come unto those who learn the power of heavenly light. It matters not what tempest or storm may be about you, for you shall walk in the peace of knowing that you are within my presence and that my hand shields and protects. You are the light within, and if you learn to see with the eyes of the spirit, you shall not be moved by the ways of the flesh. It is the eye that leads to so much doubt, for you seek physical manifestation of spiritual things. Spiritual power can and does manifest within the physical and natural realms, but some things of the spiritual realm can only be seen within the spiritual realm.

Men rely upon the senses of the flesh, for this is what you know, but the senses are based within the spirit of life that is inside the temple of clay. Sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste are within the spirit. A man that dies no longer sees or hears, and there is no feeling, for the spirit of life leaves the fleshly shell at the time of death. If the senses are rooted in the spirit of life within, should you not be able to see, hear and feel things of the spirit?


There are levels of sight and there are levels of hearing. Some blind men and women see far more than those who have physical sight, and some deaf hear more than those who are not. There is light within the flesh and spirit, and you are the light within. This day I give you a glimpse into the life of a precious child of the light. She is beloved and shall someday stand upon the Crystal Sea and shall receive rewards in my kingdom of light. Her name is Patricia and she was born with physical sight, but after her loss she saw much more than most men. I shall give you just a glimpse of her life, and I shall give you the words of two poems that she wrote. In the months ahead you shall receive more words that she wrote for she was gifted in expressing the light within her heart. By the power of the cloud of glory, my servant of the latter days shall see her and shall hear her words. By the power of light, he shall hear her words more in the days ahead. Let her words lead you to understanding the power of heavenly light when it lives within hearts of love deeply rooted in goodness.

‘Patricia, how are you this day? I know you have come to hear the results of your tests. I am sorry my dear but we do not feel that more surgery will help you. In the past you have undergone so much pain in hope that your sight would be restored. Medically there is nothing else that can be done. I am sorry.’


‘Dr. Williams, you have been very kind unto me and I thank you. I had hoped to see again but I have a wonderful life and my loss of sight has been replaced by a much deeper awareness of the world around me. I see things now that I never saw when I had sight in my eyes. I now see with my heart and I like what it reveals unto me.’


‘Patricia, you are a dear young woman. May God bless you with all that heaven can give.’


Patricia lost her sight when she was eleven. She never allowed her loss to create bitterness within. She was of a most gentle and kind spirit. When she was twenty-seven, she met a man who also had a heart of goodness, and he grew to love her dearly and was kind and gentle unto her.


‘Patricia, I love you and I desire that you become my wife. It matters not that you are blind for you have eyes of the heart and are the most tender and kind woman I have ever known. Please give me the honor of being your husband.’


‘Steven, you are a wonderful man and I love you also. I never thought marriage would be in my life for most men do not desire a woman who needs care. I see your heart of love and goodness and I shall very much enjoy spending my life as your wife.’


After they were married Steven took her many places for he was a man of wealth. He described unto her all the beautiful places of the earth. He hired a woman who assisted Patricia, and when she was thirty-three, she began to have her companion write the words to poems which flowed from her heart. She never submitted any of her poems to be published but by the power of my love many shall read the beautiful words written.


‘Patricia my dear, the fire is pleasant and my coffee tastes very fine. You are lovely as you sit here with me. Would you recite some of the wonderful verses that you have written?’


‘Yes dear husband. It pleases me that the words which flow from my heart give you comfort and pleasure. I shall recite two poems that speak of the joy within my heart.’

The Bloom of Love

‘There is a flower that grows; it is a flower of beauty, a flower of hope,

It grows from a tiny seed that falls upon the earth, its life


The seed sends forth its root and its gentle stalk reaches unto the light,

It seeks the earth to give it water and it seeks the light for love.


The light of heaven is the light of love; it gives love and rain to all,

The water of life is the Lord Jesus; this tender flower needs thy rain.

Fall down upon tender stalks so that we shall send forth our blooms,

Let the bloom of love open to receive thy gentle rain and light of love.


As gentle as the wind your voice gently caresses the blooms of love,

The Lord he is tender and he is kind, he nurtures his tender ones.

He waters and he gives us his light of love, by his hand we grow,

Let me grow dear Lord, let me blossom and have blooms of great love.

See the beauty of the flower here on earth, give me deep roots oh God,

I am but a tender plant; I have no strength, no power, no might.

Caress me with thy rays of light; let your gentle rain feed me Lord,

I want to bloom in you; I want to grow upward toward thy light.


May my life be as beautiful as the flowers that your hand has made,

May my heart be pure, may my words be gentle, may my deeds be kind.

Let the bloom of love grow deep within my heart my tender King,

Let me grow in thy garden of love; let me bloom in thy gentle love.


A Heart like Yours


Lord Jesus, if I could have one wish, if one plea could be granted,

If I found favor in thy eyes oh Lord, if my hope could truly be,

My hope and my greatest desire of you most tender and kind King,

Would to be given thy favor, and to walk this life with a heart like yours.

Give me a heart that sees the light of love within all thy


Let me see the light within and let the light within me always respond.

Let my heart see the suffering of others so I never just pass

them by,

Let my heart ache when a friend or a stranger has sorrow my Lord.


Let the children always be welcome upon my knee, let them come,

May they see the radiance of love which flows from a heart like yours.

Let me give away the kindness that you daily bestow upon me,

Give me a heart like yours so that your love can flow from me.


Make me as Mary, who washed thy feet with tears of repentance,

Let me reach out and wash thy feet my Lord Jesus, feel my tears of love.

I would fight through the mob dear one; I seek to touch thy


Let my hand be felt; let my heart be known of thee gracious Lord.


I see your heart in Mary, she wept and she desired to be near unto you,

Just as you longed for thy Father’s presence and his touch of tender love.

You now sit upon the throne of power and your heart it still sees,

See my heart my Savior and let it be like Mary’s, let it seek thee.

Give me a heart like yours sweet Jesus, let it bear no hatred or malice,

Let me see from my heart; let me see the sadness of those lost.

Let your light flow from me dear Lord, give me a heart like yours,

I desire to anoint thy feet with oil, feel the love that seeks you my King.’

                                                Let these words lead you to seek my light and let them lead you to seek a heart of love rooted in goodness. I shall give you more of the words which flowed from a heart that bloomed with mercy and love, for Patricia sought and she found a heart like mine. You can be of the heavenly light, your every thought, word and action can bring light and peace if you will seek the path of heavenly light.”








































































































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