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Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2009


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The Path Unto Heavenly Glory

Ken Nix

Monday, 8/24/2009

"I am the Almighty God in heaven. I am the Eternal Light and it is by my light that all things have their being. These are words of light and love that are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. Much has been given unto my people and there is much more to give. There is power in the light that is still unknown to my people. Most of what has been given is not understood for you have been given much in a short period of time. You often fail to understand for you still see with eyes of the flesh. The days pass and the time grows shorter so it is my desire that my people of the light come to a place where you will walk with understanding. You do not have to understand all that we ask of you, but you must understand the obedience of love and you must understand how light gives power unto light. In the darkness that covers the earth there is danger for my people if you do not understand how to be a shield of light and if you fail to see the muted light within your lives. We desire sacrifice and trust and surrender. You must trust in our perfect will and you must surrender unto our perfect love. Faith is rooted in trust and surrender and you must have faith to stand firm in the storms that come unto you. The key is to be in and of the light. All that has been given is of the light. All of our words are words of light and love. You must read the words given often and you must let them lead you in the days ahead. You are light and you must be guided by the light of heaven. It is my desire that my people learn the ways of light and that you know the path unto glory.


1. The path unto heavenly glory is a path of obedience. Obedience requires trust in our perfect will and our perfect love, and obedience requires you to surrender all upon our altar. Without obedience, the laws of light are just principles given and the laws of light will not be brought into motion. Without the action of obedience, the motion established will not be invoked and the law that governs will not manifest. Obedience unto the laws of light is required my people.


2. The path unto heavenly glory is a path of sacrifice. Without sacrifice, there will be no true change and without change, you will not stand. You have spent your lives walking in the ways of flesh, and to walk in the heavenly light you must become of the light. You are the light within flesh and spirit and your light must join with our light to fill you with the power of light. The ways of the flesh must be crucified and you must give my Son absolute dominion in your life. Without sacrifice, the flesh shall continue to have dominion. The fruits of light are fruits of action and you must surrender your will so that your life will be lived according to our will. Surrender requires great sacrifice.


3. The path unto heavenly glory is a path of trust. So many words have been given on yielding, trust and surrender. So much of what is required of you is rooted in trust. If you trust, you will believe and you will obey. No sacrifice will be too great and no command will be passed over.  You must trust in the light that I AM. You must believe in my perfect love and my perfect will. Without trust you will remain captive unto pride, for it is pride that makes you choose your own path instead of trusting in our guidance and love. You have seen others betray you, and there is hurt that remains. Men fail one another, but we shall never fail you. Our will for your life is perfect, but it is only perfect when you trust and surrender. Men walk their own path which leads to trials and then blame me for their plight. Surrender and trust and you shall find the path of light.


4. The path unto heavenly glory is a path of love. The actions of light are rooted in love and goodness. Obedience, trust and surrender require love. Men may submit to another who has power over them, but submission is not the same as surrender. I desire you to surrender all and walk in my will. Trust requires you to love and to believe. What man calls trust is not the same as trusting in our perfect love and will. Men trust but keep one hand upon the sword. Complete trust requires love and complete surrender. Walk in the power of love and walk in the light of heaven.


5. The path unto heavenly glory is a path of light. Without light there is no life, and without light you shall remain in darkness. I am the Eternal Light and there is no darkness in me. To be filled with the glory of heaven, to rise up unto the resurrection of light, you must be in and of the light. Without light the fruits of life will not grow, without light your life will never lead to glory. It is my desire that you walk in heavenly glory each day. Heavenly glory is not a reward that comes after death; it is your blessing upon earth, but to walk in heavenly glory requires light. All that you think, say and do must be in and of the light. My light shall give power unto your light, but you must choose light. Choose the path of light and walk in my glory.


6. The path unto heavenly glory is a path of humility. All pride must be rooted out. Our words have made it clear that pride and doubt are the two things that Satan seeks to be in your life. In a mind of doubt and pride he can sow his seeds of darkness. All pride must be removed. To walk in our glory you must give us all the honor and the glory. Pride takes credit, pride feels justified, pride reasons away our will. Nothing good finds its root in pride. You must be lowly in heart and walk the ways of humility. The kingdom of light is not for the proud; it is for the obedient and humble servant.

7. The path  unto heavenly glory is a path of choice. You must choose to walk in the light. The fruits of life are fruits of choice. You choose to be tender, kind, gentle, merciful, and loving. You choose light and you choose to seek our presence. Joy is found in our presence, but our presence is available unto those who seek the path of light. Think about what you do, evaluate your days and see if you have chosen light. Choose light and choose life. You control the path you walk each day, and if you will let our will be done we shall lead you upon the path that leads to the fullness of light and the fullness of glory.



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