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Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2008


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David Nix

 I am the Almighty God in heaven, I am the Father of all living, and I am the Father of my beloved Son, Jesus. It is my desire that these words be read the night of Passover each year, for they are to be a memorial of his great love and sacrifice. My love for my Son is great, and I desire that my people love him with all they possess. Give your lives to him in absolute surrender and he will be thy constant guide and strength. David my servant, you shall see the events in heaven as they occurred the day my Son died. 

The hosts of heaven watched and all grieved when he suffered and died. I will share my words spoken, and you will see his death and the scenes of heaven. Share these words with my people and let these words lead you to a deeper repentance.

‘My Son, my love, oh how you suffer this day. Your final hours upon earth as a man have been filled with sorrow and pain. I grieve my Son. I grieve that this was required of you my Son, but it is the only way to save those whom we have created. By your blood all men shall be free, for your blood shall redeem all that live and shall ever live. From Adam until everlasting your blood shall save man. I see your tears of pain, and I feel your pain and sorrow. You are of me and my spirit is greatly within you, so I felt every blow my Son, and heard every cry and hold every tear. You have walked the universe and have sat upon the throne of power. You have been victorious and shall once more be the prince of heaven. My love is upon you my Son, be strong, for you must now face death alone. I shall place the sins of man upon you, and the weight and darkness of these sins will cause your spirit to know more sorrow than any man has known. I shall place upon you the pain of all men and the sadness and sorrow of all men. As the sins of Israel were placed upon the goat, so shall all sins of man be placed upon you. This will be your greatest test; for once placed you must bear this sorrow without sin. You have my strength, and I know you shall pass this final test.’

‘Hear my words my heavenly host. See the suffering of my beloved as he now bears the weight of all sin and all sorrow. It is like a vise unto his heart and as darkness upon his soul. He has never sinned, and has not felt the sorrow, guilt, and sadness of sin. He must bear the pain of this for man to be redeemed. His death is not symbolic of the removal of sin, but all sin has truly been placed upon him.

  All of my angels of light have now left him and he no longer feels or sees our presence. I grieve for him for he is alone. I have felt his pain and sorrow, but this weight is his alone to bear. He is wonderful in his love for me and for the men he so loves. He is my Son, and is now the Lamb of God who was sent for all men. It is almost over, let all be still, and let there be no sound. Bow in reverence to thy King as you see him suffer for all those whom you love and shall love.’

‘It is done, it is done. Lucifer, thou angel of darkness, I see your smile and my ears hear thy evil laugh. You rejoice for you have victory over the light of heaven, but hear my words thou prince of darkness, victory is won this day, for in his death he has defeated you. All sins have been placed and borne by my beloved. He shall once more reign upon his throne, and you shall be cast into outer darkness, so let thy laughter turn to wails of sorrow, and let thy countenance be one of grief, for my Son has won victory this day. Go do what you think will win victory, but know in thy evil heart that this day you have been defeated by the blood of my Lamb.’

‘Sing my angels, sing and rejoice, for victory is won. Go unto my Son and protect his body from the evil ones, for he shall rise up in three days as he has spoken. Rejoice and proclaim victory for the Son of the Great I AM has won victory over sin and darkness.’

Hear my words my people. You fail to understand the fullness of what my Son did. Living a life without sin is foreign to you for each of you has sinned. That feat alone is beyond you, but his death is more, for he gave up eternal life to become a man, to be your Savior. You have all sinned, and have all felt grief, sadness, sorrow, and remorse. All the weight of these things was put upon him. He felt all the pain of man and felt all the darkness of sin. What he did for man remains the greatest act of love and shall forever stand. He sits by my side and he is beautiful, and his heart aches each time you sin and do evil, for he knows the sorrow and grief that sin brings.

 There is no light in sin for all sin is of the darkness. Give him your life; give him your heart, for he is thy Savior. Why do you bear sorrow that has already been borne? Why do you walk in darkness when his light is within? Lay all upon the altar and repent, and walk in the presence of light. You must go deeper in your repentance, be sorry for the pain you have caused him. He created man and he is your King. Your King died for you because of his great love. Be of the light and sin no more my people. Let his shed blood cleanse you and redeem you. He is the precious Lamb that died; he is my Son, my love.”






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