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Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2009


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Choose Light

Ken Nix

Monday, 8/24/2009

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. These are words of light that are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. Let my words this day help you to understand more fully the power of the light that is within you. We have given you many words about light and about the fruits upon the tree of life. We also have told you that the fruits of the tree are fruits of light. Each of the fruits of light gives light for they have their origin in light. Every word of kindness, every action of gentleness, mercy and love gives light unto others and brings light unto you. There is power in light for light gives power to light. Our words given for this issue of the Words of the Latter Rain are words of light for all of our words are light for there is no darkness within us. As was given in the story of Bernard, each of you is light and you can be a ray of light unto others. To be the light of hope you must have hope, to be the light of love you must have love, to be the light of mercy you must have mercy and to be the light of heaven you must be in and of the light of heaven. Every thought matters, every word matters and every action matters. Darkness blocks the power of light and prevents the fullness of light. If you allow darkness, it is as the clouds that prevent the fullness of light. Some light will shine through the clouds but if there is no cloud of darkness your light shall shine forth bright and clear unto many.


Satan seeks to destroy you and he seeks to diminish your light. If the workers of darkness can lead you to darkness, they win victory in your life, for darkness feeds the darkness. They desire men to be lost in darkness, but even if they can keep men in muted light they gain power, for any darkness in you blocks the fullness of light, and any darkness is darkness and feeds the darkness. Belief is a choice, and doubt is a choice and darkness is a choice. All men are born as children of light. There is no darkness within a small child, but children learn the ways of darkness by having light blocked by others. Your words and actions before children affect their light. Do you give power unto the light within children or do your words and actions give them understanding of darkness? Can a well bring forth water that is bitter and sweet? Can a man send forth light and also feed the darkness? The answer is no for the well, for the water flows from its source and water that is bitter will not be sweet. Man is not as the well in that men choose the water they give. By your thoughts, words and actions you decide whether to give light or feed darkness. You can control what you think, speak and do for you have the power of light within, and you have the freedom of choice. Are you a well of light or is there bitterness also within?  Why do you live life in the muted light, for in the shadows your life sends forth water both sweet and bitter. Any darkness is darkness. Does your light have power when it is veiled with darkness? There is power in the light of heaven and there is boldness in purity. Your actions must also be in and of the light. Words lose their power if the words spoken are not the reflection of the thoughts and actions. To say but not do is a trumpet of an uncertain sound. Your children and friends and brethren see your actions and they hear your words.

Is all that you think, say and do deep within the light of heaven? You are to be shields of light for your children and for all those you love. How can you defend if you are without a sword and without a shield? A shield of light draws its power from light. A sword of light is mighty in and of the light. Can you be a defender of truth if you walk in the ways of darkness? Can you send forth light to free the captives when you are also a captive? My children, you must come to the place where you realize that every ray of light is precious and every thought, word and action of darkness blocks your light, and if you do not send light then your light gives no power unto the light of others. A tree that brings forth the fruits of light must be planted in the light. Can you be rooted in darkness and bear fruits of light? Your thoughts are as the roots, they are not seen, but the evidence of your roots is seen in the tree and in the fruit. Let everything you think, say and do be rooted in light. Be a well that gives the pure water of life, and be the shield that is strong and full of light. Days of darkness are before you for the darkness gathers and prepares to go forth. Plant in the light so that you can bring forth fruits of light. Choose light and flee the ways of darkness. Do not allow darkness to mute your light and to make your water bitter and to diminish shield and sword. Be beacons of light and send forth the light of heaven.



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