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Volume 2, Issue 7, July 2009


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Oh What I Would Have Missed

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 7/29/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender and kind shepherd. These are words from the cloud of glory and these are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. By the power of the cloud of glory my servant shall come unto the Crystal Sea to receive words of great power. He shall see two servants of the past and shall learn from the images and the words given. This day I give you words from Joseph, son of Israel, and Joseph, chosen one to wed Mary who was my mother upon earth. Both men are greatly beloved and both shall receive great rewards in my kingdom of light. Our will is not always easy to understand for there are times when sadness and sorrow shall fill your hearts and you shall seek to know the reason we have allowed you to walk the path that is set before you. Joseph was betrayed by his brothers and sold into slavery in a foreign land and he suffered much sorrow and endured great hardships. In prison he sought to know our perfect will and learned the power of trust and surrender. Joseph was betrothed to Mary and he had great sorrow and doubt when he was told that she had not betrayed him. He suffered ridicule and words that cut deep at his pride but he learned the power of trust and surrender. This day you shall hear prayers spoken in a time of not knowing the purpose of our will, but you shall see that they rose above their doubts and chose to believe. You shall also receive words of prayers spoken when the pathway was clear and our wisdom made perfect, and you shall also receive words to songs that flowed from hearts of gratefulness. One offered as a sacrifice of trust, and one offered as an offering of thanksgiving and praise.


Our hand is not always clearly seen but you must believe in our perfect love and our perfect will. So many lose intended blessings by their lack of faith and by their wrong choices. When you try to shape the vessel we have determined you to be you mar the pattern that was set forth for your life and you lose blessings that shall never be. We still lead and guide, and the pathway will lead to a destiny of light if you walk in obedience, but each time you fail to trust, and believe and surrender you change the course of your life. In surrender and trust you shall come to know that our will for your life is perfect. Do not live a life of lost blessings, lay all upon our altar and let our hand guide you each day. Do not let the present take away your future. In the depth of a dungeon Joseph learned to trust and surrender and he received blessings far greater than he could have imagined. Joseph stood firm and believed the voice given in a dream and for his faith he knew joy and received blessings above measure. Will you allow the present conditions around you to cause you to remove your hand from the plow, will your need for blessings today cost you greater blessings in the days to come? Our ways are not your ways, but you must trust that our will for your life is far greater than what you will achieve by walking the paths of your choosing. Be the leaf upon the river and surrender and trust, for your journey shall bring rewards beyond imagination and your ultimate destination shall exceed the dreams of your heart. What will you miss if you choose your own path? What would the men of faith have missed if they had allowed the present to change their future? Let these words given lead you to a place of surrender and trust.


‘Great I AM, I bow before you here in this prison and I lift my hands in worship. Life has been hard here but I know that you are with me. I am here for I believe in the dreams that were given unto me. In my pride I told my brothers of my dreams and in their envy they sold me into slavery, and in my choosing to obey your commands I was thrown into this prison. You have let me be seen with favor but I still have known sorrow and pain. My pride is gone my Lord, I no longer desire to be a ruler over my brothers, I just want to see them and embrace them and express my love for them. I desire to see my beloved father and kiss his cheeks and see his joy when I am restored unto him. Please have mercy and free me from this place for I want to go home and watch the flocks of my father. I am broken and I am alone but for you. Be my strength and be my deliverer oh God. I sing a song of love unto you Great I AM.


Scars upon My Soul


I have been beaten, and I have been ridiculed and mocked by evil men,

I have suffered shame, and sorrow is my constant companion and friend.

I have scars upon my soul for I know my pride led me to speak foolishly,

I lacked wisdom and I failed my God, and those failures are scars upon my soul.


I bow and I worship, and I seek restoration, and I seek thy


Scars are upon my back from the whip that is given unto all who are here.

Scars upon my body have healed and are reminders of the depth of my pride,

But I have failed you Great One, heal me, take away the scars upon my soul.


I repent before you, I give you my life, I surrender all unto your hands,

I no longer desire to rule over anyone, I just desire to be thy servant.

Deliver me oh God, cleanse thou me and remove the scars upon my soul,

Glory and honor, all praise unto thee for you are my God and my everything.’


Joseph was broken and it is the broken vessel that can be filled. Our hand moved and Joseph was set free and his dreams became our reality. He could have given up and not believed in our perfect love and our perfect will, but he chose to believe, and we saved him and fulfilled his dreams. Later in life when he was surrounded by his brothers and our servant Israel, Joseph said a prayer of thanksgiving for all that we had done. He worshipped us and lived a life of praise and his words reflect that he was healed of the scars upon his soul.


‘Great I AM, I bow and I worship. I can clearly see your perfect will for my life. My dreams were from you and my being sold into slavery was your desire. Your hand removed my pride, and your hand gave me the meaning of the dreams of those in Pharaoh’s house, and you opened the doors of prison and brought me into a position of great power. I look upon the faces of my brothers and see the joy in the eyes of my father. I see all that I would have missed if I had given up while in prison. I know great joy because I trusted in you. Oh what I would have missed if I had not trusted and believed. The scars upon my soul are gone and joy fills my life. Thank you for all the blessings that I would have missed if I had not chosen to believe.’


When Joseph learned that Mary was with child he was full of sorrow and full of doubt. In a dream my messenger spoke and Joseph chose to believe. I give you his prayer spoken and then you shall be given a song of rejoicing when he realized the joy that was in his life because he chose to believe.


‘Great I AM, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I bow before you this night. An angel came unto me in the night and spoke to me and told me to not be afraid to take Mary as my wife for the child within her is of you and your Son. I know what was spoken and I know that Mary is a good woman so I will not put her away and she shall be my wife. This is hard for me to understand, but I know I must trust and I must believe. Others will mock me and speak evil of my wife as has already been spoken. She told me how the angel came unto her and I believe her. I choose to believe in your love and your perfect will. We shall have a son and his name shall be Jesus. Give me the wisdom to guide him in the ways of righteousness, and help me to be a good example unto him.’

Joseph chose to believe and because of his trust and belief he knew great joy and received blessings without measure. Hear his song of love once our fullness was known.”

Oh What I Would Have Missed

‘I sit by the fire at night and hear the songs of praise upon

Mary’s lips,

I hear the laughter of my children as I watch them play and leap.

I see Jesus and he has become a wonderful man, I see his beauty,

Jesus, he is thy Son and he is my King and shall be my Redeemer.


Oh what I would have missed if I had not believed in thy

true word,

I would not know the love I feel with Mary’s tender and gentle touch.

I would not have seen Jesus grow; I would have never held him my Father,

I would not have known the joy of his laughter, oh what I would have missed.


I would not have known the joy of my natural sons and daughters my God,

I would not have heard the voice of thy Son when he speaks of thy ways.

I would have never known the peace and joy that fills my heart,



I would not have known true love, oh what I would have missed.


I thank you Great I AM for choosing me to love and nurture your Son,

I thank you for allowing me to hold my Savior in my loving arms.

What joy you have given me, all because I trusted and believed,

My life is full of great joy, thank you for all that I would have missed.’


“Joseph, my father upon earth, you stand before me upon

 Crystal Sea,

I see thy tears as you hold your dear sweet Mary once again.

I am pleased that you chose to believe, that you chose to trust,

For had you not chosen to believe, oh what I would have missed.”



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