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Volume 2, Issue 7, July 2009


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Manna From Heaven

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 7/29/2009

"I am the Almighty God in heaven and these are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. Blessings of love come unto the man who is surrendered and broken before me and my Son. Many words have been given about the power of trust and the power of surrender. So many men seek to rely upon their wisdom and abilities to solve the problems of life. I am the Almighty and the ways of men are not hidden to me for I know every thought and word spoken and there is nothing done that is kept from my sight. I am the origin of all life and I am the sustainer of all life so all that live gains their life from me. I am in all that live, so I see, and I hear and I know. I have watched men over time and I wait and I guide. Men have the freedom to choose for that is my desire and my will. I could have made man as the animals and made man to follow a pattern of life that is within. Each species of animal follows the pattern of life that is within and they are content to be what they were created to be for they know no other way but the way of creation. Man also has a pattern of life that is within but man has the freedom to choose the path that he walks. If man would surrender and trust they would find great joy in being who they were created to be. Men were created in our image and in our likeness, and man is the clay, and the clay is to worship and obey the potter. In obedience you will find joy, and in trust and surrender you shall find peace.


I am the God of love and I am good and can not be unkind and there is no evil within me. My will is perfect, and my desire for you is perfect, but to know my will and my desire you must choose obedience and you must choose to trust and surrender. Men desire signs to prove unto them that I am with them and that I am guiding their life or the life of another. They have daily evidence of my love and my mercy but for most it is never enough. Men want to be entertained and overwhelmed on a continual basis. The fact that there is life and breath and that the sun rises and the sun sets is not enough. Men demand miracles; men demand signs to prove that I am the Almighty God. The earth is full of signs and the heavens declare my glory. You must have eyes to see, and you must seek to walk in my ways and in my will for I am God and I am a consuming fire. Days of judgment shall come, and those who have not built their lives upon the rock of belief shall be swept away in the storm.


Once there were three men who traveled across a vast desert. They became lost and their water was almost gone. They knelt together and sought my mercy and sought me to guide them to water, for water was their greatest need. I heard their prayers and the next day they came upon water that was clean and pure. They all drank their fill and praised me. Each carried three bottles for water and each filled them and began their journey once more. After only a few hours they came upon the remains of three camels and one man. There they found much gold and precious jewels, but the leather bags that held the wealth had torn in the heat of the desert. Two of the men foolishly poured water from two of their bottles and filled them with diamonds and gold. They felt that one bottle of water would be enough to complete their journey and they desired to be rich. The third man was wise and knew that they had many days of walking to reach more water. He desired life over wealth so he kept his water and simply took one diamond of great quality and placed it within his tunic. After three days the two men were weak with thirst and offered their riches for the water of the wise man. He refused, and that night he slipped away for he knew his two companions would kill him for the water he carried. He prayed for them, but he knew their desire for wealth had made them foolish. The wise man made it to the next place of water and drank and filled his bottles and he went back for his friends. He came upon them only a mile from the water but both were dead. They had fought over one final drink of water and each had been slain. The wise man took their gold and jewels and empty bottles and returned to the water where he filled their vessels and completed his journey. He was a just man and gave of the wealth to the families of his two friends.


When the people of Israel wandered in the desert they had their needs fulfilled, but it was their desires that led to sin and death. They saw mighty miracles in Egypt and knew that I was with them. They crossed the Red Sea upon dry land and they marveled and they praised. Within days they murmured for they needed water. They quickly forgot the evidences of my great love and my great power. The cloud of glory was with them by day and as a pillar of fire by night. Each day they had evidence of my presence. I gave them manna from heaven each day to eat. It is the food of angels and is perfect food for the body of man. They murmured and desired meat so meat was given unto them. Under the cloud they did that which is evil before me and many were destroyed. Men have not changed as much as many think, for men today still seek more signs, and their wants are never met, even when their needs continually are met by my hands of love. The cloud of glory remained as parents died and their children remained. My servant Moses did not get to enter in for his lack of trust in my ways. Caleb and Joshua led the innocent into a land flowing with milk and honey.


People of the latter days, you receive manna from heaven, but many of you murmur and desire more. You are not content with all that has been given, you want more parables, more messages from my cloud of glory, and you question whether or not I still speak unto my servant David. You read the Words of the Latter Rain but desire more. Some complain and murmur that the seven point messages have not been given as frequently. You hold in your hands a monthly document which contains words from me and my beloved Son. You eat manna and murmur for meat. Men speak evil against my servant and desire miracles of power to prove that I am with him. We have healed you and we have spared your lives and we have given you living water and living bread from heaven and still many murmur. In drawers and in notebooks most of you have pieces of paper written by the hand of my servant, words of love and power given unto our servant for you. Most of you have heard us speak and sing through our chosen vessel yet some still seek signs of our presence. You have been given water and the most precious riches known unto man. We hear and we answer and we reveal mysteries unto you. The promise of Jeremiah 33:3 has become your reality. You eat manna and you murmur. Cherish every song and every word spoken. Open your eyes to see the presence of our glory. You have been told to see us in the simple blessings and in the moments of your lives. We are with you and we are with our servant. Do not allow the miracles of your wilderness journey to become old and do not tempt us by murmuring and by desiring us to prove to you that we are in your lives. Count your blessings and learn the fear of the Lord.



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