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Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2008


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Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread

David Nix

  Passover services were held in Woodruff, SC this year, and most of the members of The End Time Assembly were able to gather for a very powerful weekend. Passover services were held Friday, April 18, 2008 at 8:00 pm. Since Passover was on  Friday evening this year, we decided to gather in Woodruff for the weekend. We had Sabbath services the following day and also met to worship on the First day of Unleavened Bread. We were given instruction to conduct the Passover service as we had the previous year.  It was the most powerful Passover I have observed, and God’s presence was truly felt by all. Two days before Passover we received a message from the Almighty God, and  we were instructed to read it just prior to everyone going to pray individually before taking of the bread and the wine. The message is entitled, “Mi Ami, Mi Othna”, which means, “My Son, My Love.” After the service we broke our fast together and enjoyed a wonderful meal of lasagna, spaghetti, and salad. We gathered the next day for the weekly Sabbath service and enjoyed a lively praise service and messages from Neil Gardner and Henry Nix on the fruit of joy. Wayne Alexander sang a song given to him from the Almighty entitled, ‘Here I Am Lord, Send Me.” It is a beautiful and powerful song that we all love to hear. We also had the joyful event of laying hands upon my first grandchild and asking God’s blessings upon her. That evening we had a wonderful meal of grilled steaks and chicken with baked potatoes and salad, and a wonderful array of desert. The Woodruff church truly were awesome hosts. That night we had a service and followed the format given the previous year. But this year we had something new an exciting take place. Harriett Casas, one of the members of the Woodruff congregation, approached me on the night of Passover and told me about a dream she had a few days previously. It was a complex dream, and I told her I would pray about it and we could sit down the next day and discuss it. Sabbath morning before services I was on the bed in my room and Jesus spoke into my mind and told me to pray and that he would give me the interpretation of Harriett’s dream, and for us to discuss it that evening after the scripture reading. It is a complex dream and the interpretation is powerful We read scriptures about our victory by the blood of Jesus, and then Harriett told everyone her dream. I do not believe there was a person there who could have interpreted it, including me. Without the interpretation from Jesus we would not have known the meaning. Harriett’s dream, and  the details of her dream, and the interpretation are within this newsletter. We then read a message about God’s grace, and then we shared stories of how we have seen the love of God and Jesus in our life since Passover and Unleavened Bread a year ago. It was very moving to hear of all the ways they have moved in our lives this past year. We then had more rousing songs of praise and then gathered to pray in groups as instructed. These are the words given to us by our Savior on March 30, 2007, “Before you depart, kneel and pray as a people. Let your prayer be not selfish but pray for the needs of your brethren. Bring a need before us and let it be a focus for you in your prayers. You must learn to pray for each other. Share a need with a brother or sister and bring their need before me and let it be a part of your petitions until the need is realized. Do not waver and do not be timid in thy requests. Do not be frivolous or foolish, bring needs and not desires before our throne. When you gather again next year you can share how your needs were met.”

We all shared a need with a person in our prayer group and made our prayers of petition for one another. The first Day of Unleavened Bread was another wonderful service, and we had an awesome praise service and heard messages from Kenneth Nix, Wayne Alexander, and James Massey on the fruit of praise. The sermon’s were based on parables and messages received, and it was a very powerful and joyous day. After the service, The Almighty God gave us a beautiful song entitled, “The Power of Heavenly Light.” The entire weekend was powerful and God joined hearts in very special ways. I believe we all left with hearts full of love and joy.




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