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Volume 2, Issue 7, July 2009


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The Pattern Of Life

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 7/29/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and Mighty King. Hear my words unto you this day and let my words be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. There is great power in acceptance of your life and your destiny. There is a pattern of life within all living, and man was created to worship and to serve me and my Father.  There is peace when the pattern of life is followed. Men have the freedom of choice and most men go against the design and pattern within and walk the ways of disobedience. Within each life there is a destiny, but your destiny can only be known in surrender and trust. Very few people ever fulfill the purpose that was established for them for men take control of their lives and by their will they live a life against our will. The pattern of life remains but is resisted for man has the freedom of choice. The angels of light do not walk in envy or jealousy for they are content to be who they were created to be. In acceptance of the pattern set forth you shall find peace and joy. I give you seven ways to understand the pattern that is within, and it is my desire that these words will lead you to acceptance of our perfect will.


1. Man was created to find joy in obedience. Most conflict and sadness finds its origin in disobedience. Man was given the freedom of choice and most men choose their own path and not the path of light that is within. The natural way of man is to obey but pride leads to disobedience. In surrender unto our will you shall learn the true joy of obedience for your life will be closer to the pattern of life that is within.


2. Man was created to worship and to praise. Within the heart of all men there is a desire to worship. Men of wisdom worship the Great I AM and they worship me as their King and Savior. You see false worship, for men use reason to replace obedience. Men seek their worship to be based on their will and not our will. The pattern of life within is to worship, but the joy and power of worship is only found in worship as created within. All men are to praise, but praise must be focused upon me and my Father. Worship and praise not focused upon the Eternal Light and the Savior will be contrary to the pattern of life and will bring no power and no peace.


3. Man was created to marry and become a part of a family. Man was made for woman and woman was made for man. To marry and have children is the pattern of life within all men and women. By the freedom of choice, and by pride and the evils of darkness, men go against the pattern of life and go against the will of heaven. Men were never meant to be with men and women were never meant to be with women. It is not natural and it is an abomination before me. Pride leads to wrong choices and justification of the choices made. The destiny of light within calls unto man to walk the natural way but many choose to disobey. Find true joy when you marry and have children and walk in our will. Some choose to remain single, but there is a longing that will not be filled, for man was created to be joined as one with a woman.


4. Man was created to labor and toil in work that is needful. Men who are slothful and lazy will not find fulfillment for they go against the pattern of life within. I work, and my Father works, and the angels of heaven work. Man was created to work. Adam and Eve worked and tended the garden of light and they had great joy. The poor are to be helped but the lazy man is not to be rewarded. Your nation penalizes those who labor and takes away to give unto the slothful and corrupt. Find the joy of work. Even those who make excuses can find joy in labor, for there are jobs to be done and jobs that will use the skills that you have been given. Learn the power of work for it is the pattern of life within.


5. Man was created for expression. Man was given language and it is within you to express the desires within. Expression is to be pure and righteous. Many find expression in the evils of darkness but that is not the pattern within. It is within you to express your thoughts and feelings, for all feelings, all emotions are of the spirit. There is expression of light that will bring you great joy. It is seen in invention and in building, in planting and harvesting, in music and art, and in songs of joy and praise. Expression is a need within, but what flows from you is to be from hearts rooted in love and goodness.


6. Man was created to be with others. It is not good for man to be alone. The pattern of life within is for men to love and be loved and for you to know the joy of family and friends. You were created to laugh and to play and to know the joy of others. In being alone men become selfish. All men need time to reflect and time to worship, but men also need to be with others of like mind and passion. There is joy in fellowship and in breaking bread with friends. Learn the power of laughter, for laughter is a sound of heaven, and someday the sound of laughter shall fill the heavens and the earth.


7. Man was created to seek and to yearn. It is within you to long for that which is spiritual for within your clay temple there is a spiritual body with the spirit of life within. It is the yearning of the spirit to be free and to be joined to the Eternal Light. My servant has been given understanding and he shall share our wisdom when my people gather at our Feast of Booths. You can find joy and peace in the flesh but the spirit within needs to be fed and to be nurtured. This is found in walking in the ways of spirit. The fruits of life are of the spirit. Light gives power to the spirit. Let me satisfy thy longings, come before me and bow down and worship and walk in the power of heavenly light.





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