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Volume 2, Issue 6 June 2009


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Power In The Presence

Ken Nix

Friday, 6/26/2009

Kenneth Nix

In one of the messages given at Pentecost we were told by our Lord Jesus that being people of light is more than just a title. It is to be our walk, our way, our life. We must be continually in the presence of the Mighty Ones of heaven. It is in this presence that we find true joy, peace and happiness. It is also where we will walk in the power of light. We are in a world with much darkness, but we are to bring light into this world; this is our calling. To do this we must be filled with their presence.

There is the presence within and the presence without. To be filled within, we must put away all darkness in our lives. All of us have been doing this, but it has been a process over the past three years. What prevents the filling of the presence within? It is darkness which typically is found in muted light.  All fall under the danger of comparing things in their life to a greater darkness than to the pure light of God. People will look and say  its not that bad, or its not as bad as something else. But all this does is give place to muted light. In our process of seeking the fullness of their presence within we have all had to make many changes. Yet we still face barriers to coming to the fullness of their presence. Lets take a look at a few of these barriers. Over the past three years we have heard of being a leaf upon the river. We have heard of surrender and trust. Yet many of you still have not done this. You feel that you must be in control; you often fail to trust and justify this in many different ways. One example is something called the "right to know." You justify it under the guise of caring or under the guise of needing to pray for someone. This same justification is used for gossip. But at which point do you surrender? Are you surrendered to God? Do you trust Him?   Many would say yes to these questions, but how do you surrender? How do you trust? Abraham was instructed to pack and move many times. There is no record of God explaining himself. When the Israelites followed the cloud there was no explanation by God. When Moses delivered instructions there was no explanation. God tells you things through the ministry. Do you trust or do you feel the need to question? In this church we are in the unique position of knowing that Jesus does give us directions and does lead this church. You are his people and he leads and he uses his ministers for this. Do you trust? Jesus tells us that you must surrender your life and your spirit, that you must give him dominion in your life. Have you?

Another barrier to the light is pride. This can also show up as   already mentioned. Pride in our own judgment, pride in our position in the light. To know the power of the presence of the Mighty Ones of heaven we must lose all pride. This also shows up in selfishness where  we still center upon self. It shows up in words spoken. Three years ago we started hearing of being a leaf upon the river; have we become those leaves?

A barrier brought out to us at Pentecost was of how we still allow muted light in our lives. Muted light is darkness. We have allowed it in our homes through the media in what we watch, read, and listen to. Since Pentecost, homes have gone through further purging.  This is a process of prayer. If you are purging your home of items of darkness, do not depend upon your own great intellect. Prayerfully search your lives and your homes for the darkness. Let the presence of the Mighty Ones guide you.

In removing movies or a television series from your home, ask yourself some simple questions. When is murder entertainment?  When is sex entertainment? When is any bad language acceptable?  What is the message of the movie or show? Does it promote evolution? Does it promote premarital relationships? Does it put down the life of someone living in purity? Then let God guide you in your decisions. Some may mock, but it was shown by the Almighty God at Pentecost that items of darkness give place to evil. It allows place for angels of darkness to invade your home and your lives. Some of your loved ones, or some of this world in general may scoff at this concept. They scoff at the idea of daily sacrifice or of fasting, etc They will measure their lives to you. They will feel you are being fanatical and they will feel okay, never looking at it as being in muted light. What they need to do is measure their actions to the pure light of God, for that is what we also have to do. How do you justify the things you watch or listen to when measured to God's purity and holiness?

If we are to give place in our lives, it needs to be to the Presence of God. All of us either give place to light or we give place to darkness. This is done in every word, thought, and action. We must fill our lives and homes with light.

It was mentioned that the presence of the Mighty Ones of heaven are within and without. Within is the spirit of the Mighty Ones within our temples of clay. Their spirit will fill us if we remove the barriers in our lives. Put all darkness away. Clean out our homes, clean out our lives. Remove the barriers of pride, rebellion, selfishness and all the other barriers by becoming broken before the Mighty Ones of heaven.

The presence of the Mighty Ones of heaven without is their holy presence upon the thrones of heaven. We lift up our prayers and praise unto them. Let them truly lead and guide your lives. Remove the darkness of doubt, remove the darkness of the lack of surrender, truly yield to the Mighty Ones of heaven.  We need to give place to the Mighty Ones in heaven both within and without.

In the sermon I delivered at Pentecost I gave seven things to do that will help us to understand the power of light's presence. I feel led to share these once more for those not at Pentecost. These things were given in a cloud message.

1. "Think about their presence each time you praise and worship. Think about them in heaven and within.

 2. Focus when you pray. Do not allow thoughts to wander to fleshly things.

3. When praying for others, see and feel the light. Think and focus on the presence of light more than the person, the flesh.

4. Come before them often in prayer for that increases the power of light within, for their light gives power to your light and also increases their light within.

5. Speak words of praise often and do not allow words of corruptness to be thought or spoken.

6. Speak from the spirit within, surrender your prayer and let the words flow as a beacon of light, and they will fill you with their presence.

7. Speak their names for they hear your voice. Speak their names often and let your words be words that reflect a heart of worship.

When you leave their presence, you lose power. They are within you but they dwell in your midst and their light will not fill a temple that is prideful or of darkness. Having them within is not the same as having them fill you. Be filled with light, be filled with power. There is power in the presence of light. Let them break you so that you will be filled. When the flesh is broken, the oil of light comes out and overflows."

There is a world in darkness that still waits. The power of healing, the power of miracles, the power of light all comes from the fullness of their presence. There is no power outside of their presence. Their presence brings the power to restore; the power to restore our lives and the lives of our loved ones; the power to restore the lives of all the lost and alone in this world. It appears that the title "the people of light" is more than just a title.



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