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Volume 2, Issue 6 June 2009


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Seven Ways To Serve Others

Ken Nix

Friday, 6/26/2009

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and Mighty King. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. Hear my words and let them lead you to be in the place where you will be broken to be filled, for it is the broken vessel that shall be used in my service. Pride prevents the flow of heavenly light and prevents the fullness of our presence. There are many upon the earth who are evil and walk the ways of darkness, but there are men and women of faith who walk in the ways of light and walk in the ways of goodness. To be a servant you must be selfless and you must be willing to sacrifice. Love is a sacrifice for love gives and love places the needs of others before the needs of self. You must learn the ways of sacrifice, for in sacrifice you shall come to know the ways of love. In your world today men and women seek to only care for what is theirs. Many do not even provide for the needs of family but place themselves above all else. Selfishness is rooted in pride, and pride is the way of darkness and is against the light of heaven. Work hard, but work so that you may help others. In your work seek to be a light and a help unto others. There are people all around you that need the light of kindness and need your love and goodness. I give you seven ways that you can help others each day. These are things that will require your time and effort so they involve sacrifice. You have time in each day to serve others and also have time to provide for your own personal needs. These are the ways to sacrifice and show love unto others.


1. Begin each day with prayer and pray for opportunities to be of service unto others. You must believe that we hear all prayers and that we guide the lives of men. We know the needs of others, so placing you into the path of someone who has a need you can fill is an easy task for us. Seek ways to help others.


2. Have provision with you to serve the needs of others. You need to have items that will help others. Keep some money with you and have coupons for food. It is good to have provisions available in your automobiles, but the greatest things you need are eyes that see. To have items to help are worthless if you do not see. Open your eyes unto the needs of others for many are in need of your service.


3. Pray for all that cross your path each day. Lift them up and seek the blessings of heaven to be upon them. Praying for others is a sacrifice of love but is a service that is far more powerful than my people realize. We hear the prayers of those who seek to serve others, so lift up those in need for it is a sacrifice and is a service of love.


4. Use the blessings given to help others. Do small things to show kindness unto others. Purchase a cup of coffee for someone, buy them lunch or bring them breakfast. If you work in an office keep healthy snacks at your desk and make them available to others. Give to the charities that seek help if they are of the light. A few dollars each day can bring light and love unto others.


5. Smile on purpose. Place a smile upon your face for a smile brings joy. You are blessed and you have peace, so let your countenance reflect the joy and peace within. Let love and kindness radiate from hearts of goodness. Smile at your co-workers, smile at the men and women who work hard jobs with little thanks. Be genuine, but see the power that a happy countenance can bring into the lives of others, and if you reflect joy you shall receive joy.


6. Speak no corrupt words and speak only words of kindness. There are so many harsh and unkind words spoken each day. Let your words be words of light. Speak words with a kind and gentle tone for the tone in which words are spoken matters. Kind words spoken from an angry heart are not kind words, they are harsh words. What you say matters and how you say it matters most. Let gentle and kind words flow from hearts of love. Seek people that you see are in need of a kind word and give them words of kindness, for words are a great service of love.


7. Use my name in conversations with others. Many shy away from speaking my name but there is power in my name, for my name brings my light and my presence unto those who are of the light. You do not have to preach or be self-righteous, just use words of praise each day and let others hear you use my name. So many people use our name in vain that you will bring light and peace when you use my name in praise. You are people of the light; my name and the name of the Almighty God need to be spoken. Letting others see our light in you is a far greater service than you know for light gives power to light.


These are things that you can do each day. They will cost you some of your money but most only require your time, but time is to be spent as people of the light, so realize that you are servants of light and your light must shine forth in all that you do each day. Let the light of heaven shine forth from you each day; be servants of love; be servants of light.




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