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Volume 2, Issue 6 June 2009


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Broken Before Me

Ken Nix

Friday, 6/26/2009

(Song from the Lord Jesus)



“From my tears I molded the clay and I formed the man in our image,

With love he was formed, with joy he was made, glory and praises to God.

The Great I AM is the Great Eternal Light; He is the origin and source of life,

The temple was formed, the shell was made, a vessel ready to receive.


I breathed in the breath of life; the flesh and the spirit were made alive,

The man was made in our image and in our likeness, formed and complete.

‘What do you desire of me my God, what is your command unto me?’

‘Obey my will, keep my commands and walk in complete obedience before me.’


But man sinned and man walked outside the light, death came upon him,

Man needed to be redeemed; he needed to be broken before me.

Bow down and repent, cry out for forgiveness, seek mercy and be broken before me,

Sacrifice animals; destroy the innocent to purge and to cleanse thy sin.


Man could only cover his sin for the blood of goats and calves could not remove,

The blood of animals could only cover the sin and man was still lost before me.

How can he be broken before me, how can he be restored and glorified?

A Savior must come, a Lamb must be slain, a sacrifice to be given for man.


Go my Son, you are the Redeemer, you are the Savior of the men we have made,

You must walk in holiness; you must walk in purity and be ever clean my Son.

No sin must come in; you must be the Lamb without any blemish,

You must become as the man you have made, and you must be broken before me.


 I hung upon the cross, I was beaten and I was crucified that you might live,

I was broken before the Great I AM, my brokenness was not seen in death.

My brokenness was seen in life and in the obedience of love for my Father,

To know life everlasting you must live a life that is broken before me.


Broken before me, do not say cruel words or words of unkindness,

Broken before me, give of your blessings; give your coat and your cloak also.

Broken before me, remove all pride and give me the glory and honor,

Broken before me, cry tears of sorrow, tears of repentance and be broken before me.”




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