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Volume 2, Issue 6 June 2009


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These Are The Moments

Ken Nix

Friday, 6/26/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed with the Words of the Latter Rain. My sheep hear my voice and they answer my call. Hear my voice in my words unto you this day for these are words of light and words to help you to see the light that is within your lives. You were given words on Pentecost which is the Day of Light. The words given are words of power for they are words of light. You were told about the power of light’s presence and how presence gives place. My Father told you that darkness is all around you but that most do not see for you are blind unto the darkness and you are blind unto the light. How can people of the light be blind to the light when you are surrounded by light? Just as you are surrounded by darkness and are blind. You do not see for your eyes have become dim. This day I have words to help you to see the light that is in your life, for seeing light will help you to see the darkness more clearly, for darkness is the absence of light. The blessings of heaven are ever upon you for you are mine. All men are mine and all receive love and mercy. We do not destroy the wicked but allow them  to receive rain just as the righteous, but soon the wicked shall be punished for their evil and the way of darkness will be no more. I shall return unto the earth as King of kings and Lord of lords and I shall establish my everlasting kingdom of light. You must be of my light to be of my kingdom. All darkness must be removed from your hearts and lives.


You have been given many words about gratefulness and that without gratefulness love will not grow. To have hearts rooted in love and goodness you must have a grateful spirit and be truly thankful for all blessings placed upon you. Darkness has permeated your lives for you have given place to darkness, and you have failed to see the light that is within your life, and you have failed to express gratefulness for the light that is with you. In seeing the light you will recognize the darkness. You have a fleshly body but you are also the spirit within. The spirit must have dominion over the fleshly tabernacle. In seeing with the eyes of the spirit you shall see the light and see the darkness. So much light has been given unto man for there are absolute laws of light that apply to all men equally. When you do the things of the light you receive light and you give power to light, but darkness prevents the fullness of our presence. You are the spirit within and it is the destiny of man to live forever within the spiritual realm. When I return the trumpets of war shall sound, and my saints shall return with me as a mighty army of light. Before the earth is brought into dominion, there shall be a resurrection of light. Those who died in and of the light and those who live in and of the light shall become as the Eternal Light and shall meet me in the clouds, and you shall have everlasting life. Your spirit within does not perish when you die, only the flesh returns to the earth, your spirit sleeps and shall be awakened when the resurrection occurs. This is the destiny of those who are of the heavenly light.


Your physical life is but a moment but how you live that moment will affect your everlasting life in spirit. These are the moments of your life upon earth as men and women and how you spend your moments is of great importance.  Light is all around you if you have the eyes to see. Look for light, look for innocence and purity, and see the light in the things and the people around you. See light in the simple things that make life the fullness of joy. Look upon our creation and see the light of our love and mercy. Your world was made perfect for you and still remains a place of great beauty. If you do not have people of the light around you, go outside unto the light and see and feel the light that surrounds you. See our love and see our light in the flowers that bloom and in the birds that sing each day. Look at the leaves upon the trees, see the hawk that circles above, and see the ant that works and the bees that do the task given unto them. Our light is seen in the natural realm and the physical realm. In the beauty of the earth you see the light of love that ever flows unto man. Sit upon a fallen tree and be silent and still and you shall see and hear the light of love. These are the moments that you have forgotten in your busy life.


Our light is seen in the physical realm in the people around you. Feel the baby’s cheeks of softness and smell the fragrance of their hair. Hold little hands as they explore our world of light with wonder. Hear the child’s laughter and see the true peace that fills the innocent heart. Sit on your porch and read our word and feel the light surround you, for these are the moments of your life. Sit in a swing and hold the hand of one that you love. Caress your dear one in the night, for these are the moments of light. There is love and there is joy and peace in the light of our presence. Past days were of a simpler time and the light of love was much easier seen. Play horseshoes and eat cold watermelon, laugh and play as the children of the light. Where have the moments of light gone my people? They have been replaced with entertainment that is darkness. You play music, or have your television on, or play games upon your computer, and do not see the light all around you. Light is found when you put away the things of darkness. Turn off your television and go outside to see the beauty of light all around you. Take your children or grandchildren to a park and hear their sounds of laughter. Talk to one another, and laugh, and let the light of love surround you. Life is full of moments of light if you will only see. See the light in the moments of your life for you all have the natural and physical world around you. As you grow in recognizing all of the light that surrounds you in the world given unto you, there will be a change within your heart. Then you shall begin to see the light within the spiritual realm. Does singing praises give you light and joy? Does time in our presence during prayer fill you with peace? These are the moments of light within your life and your lives are to be filled with moments of light. Thank us for every sunset, for every storm that brings the rain, for every bird that sings and for every flower that blooms. Praise us for every sound of laughter your children make and for their gentle hugs and kisses of love. To know peace and light in the trials of life you must first recognize the light that fills the happy times and the times of joy. Light is all around you. Our mercy and love surround your every step, and we are in every moment if you will only see and if you will let all the moments of your life be lived in our heavenly light. These are the moments of your life; let them be moments of light.”




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