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Volume 2, Issue 6 June 2009


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The Story of David

Ken Nix

Friday, 6/26/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender and kind shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain, and they are words to help all who read them to understand the power of our love and the power of the light of love. There are many who suffer from disease upon the earth. Many face death each week and each day and they learn the power of love and the beauty and blessing of life. Wealth and fame matter not when a person faces the battle of death. Both rich and poor, weak and mighty become united in their quest for one more day of life. Your hearts grieve when you feel the sorrow that loved ones face, and many who shall read these words are facing, or will face, your own struggle against disease and the coldness of death. Hospital wards are full of people who grow in love for one another as they face the battle for life. The young and the old unite for they are upon the same road, and those who get to witness their struggles are touched in ways that those who are selfish shall never understand. There is a dignity that is to be in how you live your lives. You are to walk each day as people of the light. You are to be kind and loving unto all and your words are to be words of love which flow from hearts rooted in goodness. There is also to be dignity in how you face death. There should be calmness in the storm that you walk within if you are rooted in the light. It is good to desire life, but do not seek life in the flesh at the cost of life in the spirit. Each day matters and each day is to be lived within the light of heaven. Death is never easy, for the spirit of life within desires to remain, so all seek peace as they approach their death. Some foolishly take their own lives, but this is due to the influence of darkness, for those of the darkness whisper and lead those lost and hurting in the path of sorrow. Life is a precious gift that is to be cherished. How you face death does impact how you shall live when life is restored in the resurrection of life.

This day I give you the story of David. Let his words and his example help you to see the power of facing death by walking in the light of love and in seeking to give even when you are in a place of great need. When David was nine years old his mother discovered three small lumps under his right arm. She was concerned but felt it must be a hormonal issue, but to be safe she took him to a doctor for testing. The word given was what most parents fear and was the beginning of her journey and the journey of her son. David had cancer and it was quite advanced, so the doctor recommended immediate surgery to remove the tumors and then a time of treatment to fight against the cancer that was spreading throughout his body. His mother cried all night and also prayed for the first time in many years. Death has a way of bending even the most proud. In the morning she went to David to tell him of his sickness and what was before him. She brushed away her tears and told herself that she would be strong, for she must be strong for her little man. He was her only child, and he was all she had for David’s father had been killed in an accident three years previously. She opened his door and saw him upon his knees in prayer. She stood frozen for a few moments for she had never seen her son pray. In a thought she felt shame for not teaching her son the ways of heaven. I give you their words this day.”


“David, I am sorry to disturb you but I need to talk with you about our visit to the doctor last week. Can I sit so that we may speak? I was surprised to see you praying, for I have never seen you pray, but I am glad to see that you do. You are a good boy and I know that you have a heart of love. There is no good way to give bad news to someone so I will speak openly, for we love each other and we are facing a challenge that we will face in united love. I love you David and you are my precious son. The lumps under your arm are small tumors which are cancerous and must be removed. Cancer is a disease that attacks your body from within. I know you have seen its fierceness in the death of your grandfather, so you know this is serious. There are more tumors within you but only those upon organs will be removed. After your surgeries you will face chemotherapy that will make you feel weak but it will help slow down the spread of the cancer. I have cried all night for I am afraid, but I know that we will face this together. I just want to hold you close for awhile my son, and then I will answer any questions that you have. I love you with all my heart and I wish I could take this from you, for I would gladly take this disease upon myself to save you from the pain you shall face. I love you David, I love you so very much.”

“Mom, is it okay for me to speak now, for I have much that I must tell you? I already know that I have cancer for last night I had a dream but it was more than a dream. It was so real that I wonder if I actually experienced parts of it in person. It was a most amazing dream, and it is forever placed within my mind for it tells me my destiny and my journey that is ahead. I will tell you all of my dream. You sit and listen, for this is important, and you must understand the dream that was given to me. We do not go to church, but when daddy was alive he would tell me about God and Jesus so I know they exist. After my dream I know they are most kind and that they love me and that they love you. This is my dream and I will also tell you the meaning of the dream for it was revealed unto me.


It was night for it was very dark all around me. I could hear the water as the waves beat against the raft that I was upon. It was raining very hard and there was a storm with lightning and thunder. I realized I was in a small raft upon the ocean and there was a great storm but then I realized that no rain was upon me and the water was calm around me. Then a bright light came near and floated just above me. I could see a circle of light and within the circle the sea was calm, but outside the circle the waves were crashing and the rain was pouring down. The lightning was flashing and the thunder was loud but it was calm in the circle of light. I looked into the ball of light above me and words were spoken to me. They said that I had cancer and it was a storm that I must pass through, but that in the midst of this storm I would feel peace and calm for the Lord Jesus was with me and he would help me to learn the lessons that were in the storm. Suddenly it was light and the sea was calm and was smooth like glass. My raft came to an island and the light told me to leave my raft and to explore the island before me. It was so beautiful and it was peaceful. On the island there were a few people. I saw you there mommy and you looked so pretty. You wore a yellow dress and your smile was bright. Some of my friends from school were there and all my cousins and aunts and uncles were there. Papa Joe was there and both my grandmothers were there. I also saw the doctor we visited, and some other doctors and nurses were there. We had a large table full of food and everyone was talking and seemed to be very happy. The light told me this was the place of peace for the first part of my journey.


In an instant I was once more in the raft and it was night and the storm raged as before, but I was again in the calmness in the center of the light. Morning came again and I was at a larger island than before. On this island there were many doctors and nurses and there were three hospitals. There were many children and they, too, were sick with cancer. A girl with blonde hair came up and took my hand and led me to a pool full of children playing and laughing. We played and we laughed and then they were gone and I was alone with the doctors and nurses. I saw tears in the eyes of most of the nurses. They were looking at me with eyes of love but also with eyes of sadness. Then I was again in the storm and it was night. This time the light was gone and I was in the midst of the storm and I feared that I would fall off my raft and would drown. The wind flipped my raft and I went into the sea. I could not swim against the power of the waves and I was drowning and I could not breathe. Then a dolphin swam to me and led me to the surface. It was calm again and my raft was there and the light was there. The dolphin flipped me upon my raft and swam away.


It was day once more and I was at a third island and it was larger than the other two. I was on the beach and the blonde haired girl was there and we swam in the ocean and there were dolphins all around us and I felt joy and peace like I have never known. She told me to go explore the island. On the island I saw rooms with sick children who were afraid, so I sat with them and they gathered around me. I told them about my dream and they felt the joy and peace I felt when I swam with the dolphins. Then it became darker so I walked to the beach. It was almost dark but a light came across the water and called my name. I began to walk upon the water for it had become like crystal and I walked toward the voice and the light. There I saw Jesus and he took my hand. He held my right hand, and my left hand was held by an angel who had tears in his eyes. Jesus walked with me and told me the meaning of my dream.


The time that I have left to live is three years. Do not cry mommy for this dream has a wonderful end. I will be in storms but there will be times of calmness. My cancer will slow and I will have days of peace and joy. The first island is full of family and friends for at the beginning of this journey you will need them and they will be there to help us. Doctors are there to help me and to help you and our family. In the second year the storm still rages but I am still in the calm of the light. The second island had three hospitals and  many sick children. I will draw strength from them and will also help them. We shall laugh and play but it will not last. They shall all die before I die and I will be alone with only the doctors and nurses. In the third year I was in the storm without the peace. I shall face a time of fear and doubt and shall come very close to death but the dolphins shall lift me and the light and love of heaven will save me, so that I can complete my destiny. The third island is full of children. I first saw the blonde haired girl and we play with the dolphins. This I was told symbolizes a time to come. On the island I saw many kids dying like me, but I told them they were in my dream and I told them about the dolphins and about Jesus. In my dream Jesus told me I was to tell of my dream, and I am to pray unto him, and I am to remain innocent. I am to tell all the children about the power of love and about the power of innocence. Jesus led me to a cloud and told me to lie upon it and that it was soft and warm and he told me to sleep in peace and that he would awaken me when my time comes.


I then was awake again and the earth was beautiful and peace was in all nations. When I opened my eyes you were there and daddy was there, and behind many people in our family stood all the children from the second island and they were smiling. They parted aside and the blonde haired girl came forward and took my hand and led me to the ocean. All the children followed and we swam in the clear water and there were hundreds of dolphins who pulled us through the water. There was joy and there was peace. Then a vision came unto me and I saw wild animals being led by the hand of a child, and I saw Jesus and he smiled and lifted me into his arms and he kissed me and told me that I was home in his kingdom of light. I was with the innocent so I would have opportunity for a great blessing, but I was to walk in his will and love him. I then saw myself as a man and the blonde haired girl was grown and she was my wife and we had children of our own. Then I heard the Almighty God speak about the power of light and about the power of his breath and all became as a brilliant light, and then I was once more here in my bed. Do not cry mommy for my life shall be a blessing. Call the doctor and schedule the surgery for I have a journey that is mine to complete. I will pray often and desire you to join me. Let us bow mommy and let us worship and praise the Lord.”




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