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Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2009


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When Snow Melts Into Spring

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 5/20/2009


When Snow Melts Into Spring

(A song from the Almighty God) 

The days of winter seem long upon the earth for the cold winds blow upon you,

Men go through the cold times and the sad times waiting for spring to appear.

There is a need for winter for it is the time of renewal and for rest and peace,

Learn from the winter so that you will have joy when snow melts into spring. 

There are hard times and there are lonely times but life must have its seasons,

Without winter there would be no spring and without spring how would summer come?

The summer gives way to the coolness of fall and it is welcomed by all life,

The fall grows into winter and the winter though long will soon melt into spring. 

Trials come upon you, and at times it seems that you have no one to help,

No one to lift up and comfort you but be at peace for my love surrounds you.

You are never alone my child, my love is warmth and comfort in the cold,

Let joy fill your heart and feel my love upon you when snow melts into spring. 

Learn from the seasons of life for each has a purpose, each shapes and molds,

Do not let the long hot days of summer make you forget the shade of our presence.

The summer sun can be warm and the fiery trials can seem to be without end,

But always remember that seasons pass and joy comes when snow melts into spring. 

When snow melts into spring new life shoots forth from the wet ground,

The winter has brought refreshing and gives life and life is seen in spring.

New life is born, green covers the earth and the flowers like rainbows grow,

Be at peace for all seasons pass and you will have joy when snow melts into spring. 



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