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Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2009


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Effective Prayers of Power

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 5/20/2009


Kenneth Nix

We have been told that prayer is our greatest power, yet it is a power that we are still failing to use to its greatest potential.
It can be said that there are two desires of prayer. The first is what we desire from God and the second is what God desires from us. Our prayers will become powerful and effective when these two desires blend into one. This will happen when the desires of the Mighty Ones of heaven becomes our desire and our greatest need.

Prayers are more than merely words. Prayers are when our heart speaks to God.

Aspect one: Effective prayers of power require mercy and love.

Mercy and love have to be  motivating factors in our prayers. Love for God and love for others causes the desire for prayer. Mercy is needed by all of mankind, and all men have been recipients of God's mercy. When we cry out for mercy or when love leads us to pray, then we are meeting the blending of needs. God desires for us to seek mercy and he desires us to cry out due to love. This softens our hard hearts and our prayers will be more effective and powerful.

In James 4:3, we read, “Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it  upon your lusts.”

If our prayers are motivated by the obedience of love and the love of obedience and for a desire for mercy, they will be according to God's desires and will.

Aspect two: Effective prayers of power require need and surrender.

Need is a motivating factor in prayer. There is our need for time in prayer. As part of our daily sacrifice we are to pray a minimum of three times each day. We need this. It is for our good, to meet our need to be in the light and to walk according to God's will. We have to recognize our need for God. This recognition will lead to surrender. Too often man only recognizes that need when they are faced with death and have no where else to turn. If only they knew that we are faced with spiritual death and there has never been anywhere else to turn. We are helpless. In the recognition of our helplessness, we will find surrender.

Some of the most beautiful prayers given to us in the parables occurred when people in complete helplessness, complete need and complete surrender come before the Mighty Ones of heaven. I am including the first prayer found in the parables. See its beauty and its power.

“...My Father in heaven, thy name is above all names. You hear the infants cry. You see the struggles of man. Your heart is tender unto the lost and downtrodden, to the poor and hungry. I come before your throne and beseech your tender mercy to be upon me. My life is lost, for all I once had is gone. I lost my life due to nothing I did, so I pray that you let me be seen with thy heavenly favor. You cloak your creation in loveliness. Cloak me with thy humility and kindness. Make me thy handmaiden. Make every day bring the light of mercy and joy unto my paths. Guide my steps. Measure my ways. I have no one but you, oh Father. Have mercy upon me, and let me be thine.”


Aspect three: Effective prayers of power require belief and trust.

 In one of the parables we are told, “...Dear ones, prayer is your great power. Believe in the power of the Almighty God and his beloved Son. Believe that they hear every prayer, and that they know the true desires of your heart. Seek them, and make your desires known. Belief requires faith and trust, and trust will lead to surrender. Believe that their will for you is perfect, and trust them to deliver and to be mighty in your life.” There is a very powerful song from Jesus entitled, “For I Know.” I don't have room in this article to share it, but it was in the last newsletter. Go back and read it and know that God's love is sure and that you can believe and trust him with all in your life and let that belief and trust be displayed in your prayers.

Aspect four: Effective prayers of power require brokenness and repentance.

Brokenness is not an immediate thing. It will take time, but it is in prayer that it will be found. By surrendering to God all in our life, he can mold us into what he desires. We need to remember that God does not change, it is us that will be changed by prayer. As God's desires are fulfilled in us, our prayers will be more powerful and effective.

Prayers of repentance are very powerful, but only to a point, and should not be a continual thing. True repentance causes change in us. Prayers of repentance should actually lessen as we grow in the light. The parables contain very powerful prayers of repentance, but they were also prayers of change. In the 27th parable of the farmer, the woman and the rich man, we see prayers of repentance. Notice the words from these prayers, “…I repent of my sins and I give my life to thee. Save me and I will give of my crops and help all in need.”  “...Help me oh Father. My money will not save my son. I need your mercy. If you will save him, I will return all unto the families, and I will devote my life to ease hunger and pain around me  In these prayers these men are not bargaining with God, they are showing that in their repentance they will bring forth the fruits of change. The parables reflect that they did change and fulfilled all that they promised.

Aspect five: Effective prayers of power require working within the laws of light.

There is power in certain numbers and patterns. In one message on prayer we were told, “...Pray for healing and things needed and do not waiver. Do not stop at 3, 5, or 6 as you often do. I am your Father and I hear all prayers, but there is a law in seven. See the law in the spiritual, physical and natural realms. Look to prayer; see the prayer of seven for rain. See its completeness  Read this example in I Kings 18:44.  We have been shown that there is power in united prayer. We have been given absolute laws of light, and we need to pray within these laws.

Aspect six: Effective prayers of power require a correct position in prayer.

In James 5:16, we are told that the fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much. There must be purity and obedience in our lives to give power to our prayers. In another message we were told, “...Purity requires prayer. Prayer is your greatest power; it calls across the realms and dispatches the angels of heaven to your side. Cry out when tempted; fall on your knees before us. Prayer is heard by our spirit within you and gives you strength within. Prayer also sends light to those who are in darkness. Purity increases the power of prayer. Be pure and be the kinsman redeemer of power. Be pure, for you are not your own.”

With purity and obedience there will be boldness in our prayers for we will know that we are walking according to the will of the Mighty Ones

Aspect seven: Effective prayers of power require praise and worship.

Praise and worship opens the door of our heart and allows the release of pride and selfishness. It allows thankfulness and love to grow within our heart. Praise opens the doors of heaven and sends the power of heavenly light. The power of the name and blood of Jesus is part of praise and worship. The name of Jesus at the end of a prayer is ending the prayer as we began it. We start prayer in praise and worship, and when we invoke the name and blood of Jesus we are ending the prayer in praise and worship. In this worship we are acknowledging the ultimate sacrifice of our Savior and the power of that sacrifice.



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