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Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2009


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Endtime Update

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 5/20/2009



Neil Gardner

In recent weeks the world has seen an outbreak of the H1N1 virus, also commonly referred to as the swine flu.  The specific origin of this outbreak is unknown, as no known group of swine as yet has been identified with the strain.  Most deaths have occurred in Mexico, and it is known that American citizens visiting Mexico have contracted the disease and brought it home.  In fact, one in three American cases has been traced to a Mexico visit.  It is reported that 19 Mexican deaths have been attributed to the outbreak, but over 150 deaths are suspected to be related to the flu.  There are currently over 500 infections of this flu in Mexico.  In America, one Mexican 23 month old has died in Texas, and there are 160 confirmed cases of swine flu, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).  The largest number of confirmed cases are in California, Texas, and New York.


The flu virus is spreading to other nations and cases are being found that are not related to the Mexican cases where the virus was first reported.  Ireland recently became the 17th country to confirm cases of the disease, with a world wide total of more than 780 cases.  It is unknown why more deaths have occurred in Mexico than elsewhere.

Generally, diseases do not pass between animals and humans.  But this type of disease is an exception.  It can pass from swine to humans and from humans to swine.  The swine have the same flu like symptoms as humans do: coughing, sneezing, and vomiting, etc.  This is an airborne transmitted virus which makes it so dangerous.  Touching another or being in close proximity to them can render one infected.

WHO (World Health Organization) Director-General Margaret Chan stated, “Influenza pandemics must be taken seriously precisely because of their capacity to spread rapidly to every country in the world.  New diseases by definition are poorly understood and influenza viruses are notorious for their rapid mutation and unpredictable behavior.”  This means the virus can mutate, or change, which makes it difficult to protect populations with anti-viral drugs which take time to develop and deploy.  This is one reason many believe we are facing a pandemic.  A pandemic is an epidemic of infectious disease that spreads through populations across a large region; for instance country to country, a continent, or even worldwide. 

Affected nations are now taking precautions.  China has restricted flights to and from Mexico.  Many pleasure cruise lines are not stopping in Mexican ports.    Mexican officials request only essential personnel in the public and private sector report to work, and ask that everyone stay at home indoors.  Tourism is in the top three of Mexico’s economic engine and it will be severely affected.  Hundreds of American schools in affected states have closed and are undergoing cleaning of surfaces in an effort to kill any virus that may be present.  

This flu virus threat has sparked discussion on what is known as isolation laws.  Isolation laws give the state the authority to isolate and quarantine, by force if necessary, any person deemed to be a threat by spreading a disease.  Generally, a known infected person who carries a very easily transmitted disease can be ordered to stay at home and indoors.  If they disobey the request, they can be isolated by force by something akin to a TDO (Temporary Detention Order).  This precaution rarely takes place, however, during a genuine pandemic, we may see it employed with great regularity.  After all, what could a nation do otherwise to control a pandemic where not 150 deaths are reported, but tens of thousands or more.  But the grand problem would be where to put all the people.  In the 24th Parable, “The Servant of God,” we read of the servant’s efforts to bring comfort to the sick during a time of future darkness.  “...He walks down the deserted roads of his nation. The military controls all and many areas are forbidden. He disregards such signs for he walks the path given to him by his Messiah and King. He enters the forbidden zone for he has heard there are many there that are hungry and hurting. He wants to comfort the sick and feed the hungry. Inside his pack he has a vial of oil for the sick and a loaf of bread for the hungry. It is more than enough. In the last town the bread fed 300 and they all took much with them.

This part of the parable describes forbidden zones that the military controls and restricts people from entering and leaving.  Part of the stated purpose of these zones will be to prevent the spread of disease thus ensuring life for the healthy.  Vast areas of our nation will suffer from a pandemic state.  The government’s solution will be to quarantine the people in these areas.  The government will promise food, clothing, vaccines, and care to these people and places.  All will be deception; all will be lies.  Many of the people of this once great nation will be abandoned by their government only to die terrible deaths of disease, starvation, and thirst.  While this is happening, the people of darkness who control this government, along with the antichrist, will be exploiting the natural resources and remaining treasures of this nation.  The whole world will rejoice at the fall of America.

The 24th Parable continues: “Across the great ocean in the land called America the people could not muster the courage to fight, so they willingly surrendered. Most, but not all. Some fought and many died. And then there were the children of the light who would not bow and would not bend. The people of the light were scattered across the earth. Thousands would fall but most of the people lived on. They seemed to not be harmed by the pestilence of death. They were sealed and protected by the Great High Tower, The Eternal Defender of the righteous ones.”  In Revelation 7:3 we read, “Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.”

With the current outbreak of this strain of the H1N1 virus, we see a pattern of the spreading of a disease, the resulting illness and death, governmental response, and the impact on society as a whole.  The solution to an out-of-control crisis such as this will result in the removal or reduction in civil liberties.  In this case, we understand the need to restrict the movement of the severely ill and contagious to eradicate the spread of the disease.  But in general, draconian measures which suppress and remove civil liberties, such as freedom of movement, gives power to men and women of darkness and strengthens Satan’s hold on this world.


What must you do to enjoy peace and protection in a future of darkness?  Repent and be baptized for the remission of sins (Acts 2:38), and begin a new life of surrender and obedience to God and Jesus following their ways each and every day of your life.  Learn to believe and trust in their promises that even in the dark days of oppression and despair you can bring light, life, and restoration through the power of the name and blood of Jesus Christ to many people who will be crying out to God for help.  God’s help for them just may arrive in the form of a person of love and goodness such as you…

Thanks to Anne W. for her contribution to last month’s End Time Update.  We appreciate the emails and clippings of news around the world that we receive each month.  We can’t always include everything we receive, but the information often helps us decide what topics to focus on for the article.  So keep them coming.



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