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Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2009


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Father Forgive Them

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 5/20/2009

Father, Forgive Them


“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. There are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain for these are words to help my people to have soft hearts that forgive others when they have actions toward you that are not of the light. My disciples suffered persecution and they suffered for righteousness sake and so shall it be once more. There are people all over the earth who are persecuted because of their faith and for their profession of faith. In your world today religious persecution is common but the darkness seeks to hide the light of faith that grows within the hearts that are mine. Many in your nation do not suffer for you have freedoms that others do not enjoy. Also, most who claim to follow me do not openly profess their faith and belief, but choose to remain silent so that they might blend in with the muted light. Silence is acceptance when you have opportunity to speak words of light and truth. Do you have a heart of forgiveness when others treat you without love and without kindness? Let these words lead you to become bold in your profession of faith, and let these words help you to see the power of repentance and the power of forgiveness. Days of persecution shall soon be upon you and you must be ready to forgive those who persecute you. People of the light do not fight the darkness with words of anger and words which seek to justify your indignation, you do not fight darkness with darkness, you overcome the darkness with the light. I give you words this day that were spoken by a man who was an inquisitor and punished and tortured people who professed faith and belief in me. There have been many cruel things done in my name and much blood has been shed in the name of righteousness. Let these words help you to learn the power of forgiveness.


‘Dear friends, I stand before you this day in this small church and I feel such sadness in my heart. I also feel great love for each of you, for over the last twenty years you have become as family to me. I came to your town as a priest and you accepted me and you have been kind and you have supported me in our quiet place of the world. I am now old and I know that death shall soon come unto me. When I was young I was most zealous of the faith and I rose within the priestly order. I became an inquisitor, and though my intentions were just, I was involved in acts of cruelty and torture against brothers of the faith. In my zeal to fight heresy I became blind to compassion and mercy. I did not take human life but I am guilty of bringing persecution and suffering upon those whom I felt were heretics and against those who did not regard the sanctity of the church as I. In my youth I was foolish. In the name of Jesus there have been crusades and many have died for the furtherance of the gospel. I have come to understand that we shall convert more lost souls to the faith with acts of love and kindness than with the sword. In my travels I have seen many human cruelties and evils of the heart. I have seen good men and women beaten and tortured because they expressed their faith differently than I. I also persecuted many who serve the same God and the same Lord but they choose to worship apart from our church. Are we so certain that Jesus does not love them as well? Does he hear the prayers of all righteous men or just the prayers of those of us who follow this path? I desire to speak to you about the power of forgiveness. This shall be the last message that I give before you, and I hope my words will melt the judgmental hearts that still beat within many of you.


I have seen men tortured who cried out for mercy, but not for my mercy, but for the mercy of Jesus. They prayed to the same Lord and the same God. One woman was thought to be involved in witchery and dark practices so she was imprisoned and given little food. I was there and she was beaten but she refused to admit that she was of darkness. She sang praises and prayed unto the Lord while she was beaten. The man who punished her seemed to enjoy her suffering and I was moved in my heart. I remembered how Jesus told us that there are blessings even when we give a cup of water unto one of his little ones. I stopped her beating and knelt and gave her a cup of water. She looked into my eyes and spoke words as did Jesus and the martyr Stephen. She told me that she forgave me and asked Jesus to forgive me and to not lay my sin to my charge. Would one of darkness show such love and goodness? I left my role as inquisitor and took a place in a small town and searched for answers to the questions that tormented me. Is Jesus only in one church or does he dwell within the hearts of men? I sought forgiveness for all of the acts of cruelty and I repented of my sins against those who love him.


Friends you must be kind and gentle and have hearts of love. We must walk in purity and holiness. When Jesus was near death he did not ask for forgiveness of his sin. He asked his Father to forgive those who crucified him. Stephen did not speak words of repentance, he asked Jesus not to lay their sin against their charge. I have been at the bedside of many Christians when they were nigh unto death and most were seeking absolution and forgiveness in order to reach heaven. Live a life of forgiveness and walk in holiness. When you are persecuted for your faith seek forgiveness for those who persecute you, and live life so you do not fear death and doubt your heavenly reward. I thank God for that dear woman so many years ago who forgave me for my sinful action. Live a life of goodness and forgive those who trespass against you.’


My people, you must learn the power of forgiveness. Do not live a sinful life, live in the light and walk the paths of purity and holiness. Be ever in the light so that you may be in the place to know thy sins are gone so that you can ask me to forgive those who sin against you. Forgive the trespasses of others and forgive those who wrongfully persecute you for you are mine and my love will ever surround you. Do not quickly judge others and walk each day with hearts of love and mercy.”


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