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Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2009


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But Lord ....

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 5/20/2009

But Lord…


“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and these words will help my people to overcome the barriers that prevent the fullness of our light. We have given you many words of power and these are words that will change your hearts and your lives if you will trust and surrender. You must put all that has been given unto you in action for words without action do not change the heart. So much has been given, and to whom much is given much is required. Light gives power to light and words of light have been given unto you. There is power in our words and there is power in your words. Do your words feed the darkness or do your words give power unto the light? Men are foolish with their words, not taking into account the power of the spoken word. Let no corrupt words and no harsh words be spoken my people. Many people upon the earth do not see the damage they do unto others by words spoken without thought and without love. Words can lift up the sad and lonely and words can destroy a tender heart that seeks love and approval. We know your every thought and see your every action and we hear every word that is spoken. I hear the mother who raises her voice continually unto her little ones, and I hear the anger in the words of so many men upon the earth. Within marriage strife and turmoil have replaced the way of love and kindness. There is violence in your homes and helpless children cry in the night. All of you have spoken hurtful words and all of you have had hurtful words spoken unto you. I see the child excited that daddy is coming home and I see the father too busy or too angry to spend time with his beloved child. Little children grow into lost teens and angry adults because of hard hearts which allow corrupt words to flow forth.


The tongue is hard to control but you must bring every thought and each word under the control of the spirit of light. You are held accountable for your words, for you do have control over whether or not you speak, and you control the tone and the manner of your speech. You allowed every harsh and unkind word that has been spoken from your lips. You can not blame others, for every man controls his words. The path to a heart of stone is found in words spoken. When others are unkind unto you, when others speak hurtful words which cut you deep within, you must not answer in kind. The way of the righteous man is to speak words of love and words of light. I hear the anger, and I hear you say, “Yes Lord…but…” There is no but; there is no justification for people of the light to speak words of darkness and words of harshness. No more can you justify your actions and words based on the actions and words of another. Either you are of the light and give power to light or you feed the darkness. No one can make you speak unkind words. Men justify their actions and their words by blaming others. Children learn early with the response, “but they started it.” Why do the words and actions of others make you feel justified in your anger and in your words which flow swiftly from hearts of stone? “But Lord…,” I hear every, “But Lord” that is spoken, and I hear how you justify your words and actions, but there is no justification for feeding the darkness and diminishing the light.

I have heard your reasons and your excuses and they are empty and without love and without wisdom. You are not to speak hurtful words unto little children and you are not to be unkind. You are not to speak hurtful words to young or old and you are not to hurt those who love you and trust you. The spoken word can destroy tender hearts of love and can crush the spirit that seeks to be close unto your light. Do not offend and do not allow anger to be seen in your actions or in your words. You call your anger and your words, “righteous indignation,” in an attempt to justify your anger and your words.


Search the written word and you will find no account where I was ever cruel or unkind. I spoke words of correction but I did not speak words of anger that destroyed tender hearts. You are to speak truth but you are to speak truth that is rooted in love and goodness. Come to me in repentance and sorrow and I shall cleanse and renew. Do not come before the throne of mercy with words which seek to justify your corrupt words and sinful actions. Come before me in confession, and come before me with hearts of brokenness, and I shall hear your words and I shall be moved. Man responds to words of love and words of light and words which flow from hearts rooted in goodness and so do I. No more buts, no more excuses, it is time for each of you to become the people that we have chosen you to be. Fulfill my desire for your life and become a servant of light and let no corrupt and unkind words be spoken.”



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