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Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2009


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A Spirit of Gratefulness

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 5/20/2009

A Spirit of Gratefulness


I am the Almighty God in heaven and these are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain.  The darkness grows in power and the people of the light must dedicate themselves to becoming pure and holy. You are to walk in the fullness of heavenly light and you are to become pure so that our presence can fill you and guide you upon the paths of righteousness. Barriers remain within the hearts of my people for you allow envy and pride to block the fullness of our presence. I have words to help you to understand the need for a heart of love that is rooted in goodness. You can not have a heart of love without having a spirit of gratefulness and thankfulness. You live in a selfish world that is motivated by pride and greed. Your nation is full of people who do not work to earn their bread, and your nation is full of people who do not appreciate the blessings that have been bestowed upon them. My people, you must be grateful for the blessings of life, for without gratefulness you shall never understand the power of love. A spirit of gratefulness is more than just expressing thanks; it is living each day in the awareness of our mercy and our goodness. Who among you deserves the blessings that have been given? Life is a gift of love and life is to be appreciated and words of gratefulness are to be expressed. Gratefulness is more than words for the world is full of empty words and useless promises. You are to have a spirit of gratefulness and your every thought, word and action is to reflect thanksgiving for all that has been given unto you.


When you speak evil of others you are showing that you do not appreciate them and that their friendship and their acts of kindness do not matter. When you see with the eyes of the flesh you shall not appreciate the spirit of life within. All men have value if you have eyes to see. The world is full of pride and gratefulness is not often expressed for so many feel they have earned my blessings or that they are entitled to my blessings, but most men do not even acknowledge that all that they have is from my goodness and my love and mercy. Those with talents above others elevate themselves above others as if they are the ones who gave themselves the talent that they possess. If you have physical beauty is it due to your hand? How many of you determined before birth that you would be fair or that you would be smarter than others? All gifts are from above. If you are envious of others you have an ungrateful heart. Do you blame the potter if you are not the clay that you desire to be? Can all be perfect and can all be beautiful vessels fit to adorn the dwellings of kings? If you see with the eyes of the flesh you shall fail, for I see with the eyes of the spirit. I do not look upon stature and countenance, I look upon the heart. It is rebellion not to believe in my word and it is rebellion to doubt my perfect love and my perfect will for you. All men are unique and no two are exactly alike, each is unique in spirit and in flesh. Why do you not thank me for the life given and for the love that has been shown?


Do not be critical of others and do not focus upon the flaws of others. What you see as flaws may be evidences of my love. Do all have the hair of Absalom and the heart of David? You make choices and you can choose to shape and mold the spiritual being that you are. Men can affect their fleshly temple by obedience or disobedience but there are physical attributes that are not to be changed. Who can add to his stature or increase the size of his hands? See the spirit within. When you judge others based on things that are not changeable you are judging my hand. Do you not approve of the world I created for man to inhabit? Would you have designed a better planet? You must praise me for all that I have given unto you and you must thank me and show appreciation for all that my hand has made. My creation was made with perfection and there are no flaws in my perfect design and there are no flaws in my perfect will for your life. Most of the unhappiness of man is based upon their choices and their disobedience. If you are not grateful for who you are, you must seek to determine if your plight is due to my design or your rebellion. I desire blessings to be upon you but you must obey all that has been given. If you will be led by the spirit within you shall see the beauty that is within all men. Do not speak harsh words unto others and never be cruel unto others for I desire you to have hearts of love deeply rooted in goodness. A spirit of gratefulness shall open the eyes of the spirit to make you see my hand of love and my hand of mercy that is ever with you.




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