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Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2009


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A Destiny of Trust

Ken Nix

Wednesday, 5/20/2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Destiny of Trust


“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain, for these words shall help those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Come unto me my people for I am the light of the Father and I am the Son of glory, in me you shall find rest and peace and your wounds shall be healed and your broken hearts restored. I am the Savior of man and in my presence there is fullness of joy, and all goodness and mercy shall flow forever when my kingdom of light comes unto the earth. Rejoice in me for I shall return and I shall gather my people. My people hear my voice and my people obey all that is given unto them. If you are given a command you must know that we will also give you the strength to obey what is asked of you for we do not ask things that are not possible for you. The barrier that remains in so many hearts is the barrier of trust. To believe and to obey requires surrender which requires trust. You must trust in our perfect will and in our perfect love for without trust you will fail to believe and you will fail in obedience unto all that is asked of you.


This night my servant shall receive words by the power of the cloud of glory. He shall see the images discussed and he shall feel my presence and my power within. Our love is endless and our mercy is forever, but you must believe and you must trust. I share with you the words of a man who learned the power of trusting in the Mighty Ones of heaven, for we are perfect in our love, our mercy and our wisdom. Who is man to doubt the power of heavenly light and who is man to question our perfect love and our perfect will?  We know the hearts of men and there is no thought, no word and no deed that is not known of us. We are with you, and we love you, but you must trust and you must surrender everything upon our altar. Seek the barrier of trust to be removed. Learn to see with the eyes of the spirit and seek to feel the power of light that is within you. Our spirit dwells within temples of clay and we are with you. Believe in our goodness and love, and trust that our will for your life is perfect and that in surrender we will gently lead you unto everlasting life. Hear the words of wisdom spoken by one who learned the power of trust.


‘I am afraid. I never thought that I would die so young. Why did I come west? I should have stayed in Boston for there I was safe. Now I am here in a forsaken land surrounded by Indians who will show no mercy. Oh why did I not stay where I was safe? How can you be so calm old man, do you not fear for your life?’


‘Of course I am afraid. Only a fool would not fear death at the hands of his enemy, but I do not fret and worry over things that are not within my hands. I shall tell you how I have come to trust in the Almighty God and his beloved Son. The enemy will not attack until morning and the troop of soldiers we are with are well armed and veterans of battle so do not surrender before the fight is done. Perhaps you will live and my words will help you to see that our lives are held within hands of power that are also hands of great love and endless mercy. I was like you when I first came west for I was full of dreams and hope for a better life in a new land. I came with my beloved wife Rebecca and our son Thaddeus. We took our belongings and set out for Nevada. Along the way our son became sick with a fever and he died. What sadness filled our hearts as we left him buried along a trail in a remote and lonesome place. But we pushed on, for we trusted that our Savior would bless us and that we had a destiny in this new land. We settled upon land that was beautiful and the trees touched the sky. We built a home and built a life in a place where few people lived. In the lonely nights there in our cabin we would read our Bible. I love the Lord and my faith grew by much time in their word and in many prayers spoken. We trusted that if we were obedient and faithful that they would help us with our burdens. There are many promises in their word and I read them often, and I prayed them, and I claimed them as my own.


I will not tell you that life was easy for we suffered many hardships and there were times when we were hungry and longed for our next meal, but somehow, someway, we always got by. It was their hand, for there were so many events that could not have just been happenstance. I see clearly that they were with us. One winter we had very severe weather and there was a blizzard. It was then that our second son was born. He was strong and healthy but my wife bled a lot and lost a lot of blood. She needed meat for the blood or I feared she would die. I went to the barn to shoot our cow but I feared, for we needed the milk, and if my wife died I would need the milk to give to our little son. I fell upon my knees and asked the Great Ones of heaven to have mercy upon my wife and little son and to deliver us. Inside my mind I heard a voice tell me to walk outside and to not kill the cow. I walked into the snow and there standing in the field was the largest Bison I had ever seen. I shot him and we had meat for many days. My wife and son lived and we got through that winter. You may call that a coincidence but I had never seen a Bison upon my land before for they are animals of the plain. How long had he walked to be upon my land and how did God know that I would need his meat? Such are the wonders of their love and power. With each event of love, with each touch of mercy my faith and my trust grew. Their hand is seen by those with eyes to see.


I have learned to trust them, I surrendered my life and they are in charge. I do not always know what will be and sometimes they rescue and save and sometimes they allow fiery trials to continue. He is the potter, I am the clay. I trust for they are above all. God is God and Jesus is my Savior, this is all I need to know. I do know that each man has a destiny within. Will God spare us tomorrow when battle comes? That is his will; all I know is that I trust him. It is by his mercy that I am alive and here at this moment. The Bible tells a story of three men who had faith and they trusted. They refused to bow down and worship anyone or anything other than the Almighty God. They knew if they refused that they faced death. In their words there is power, for they knew that God could spare them, but whether or not he delivered them he was and is God. The Almighty did a mighty work and spared the lives of three men who trusted. They were thrown in a furnace of fire and lived. That is power and that is trust. My wife and son were killed by Indians two years after he spared them. Why did he save once but not a second time? It is not for me to question for I must trust in his perfect love and perfect will. Men make choices and there are consequences for the choices we make. I chose to come west as did you. We are here and our lives are held in his hands. I have been sick and I have been strong, I have known hunger and I have known plenty. In sunshine or sorrow I shall trust in his love and mercy. Tomorrow will bring their will for my life and for yours. This we must believe, and we must trust in their love and mercy.’


My people, you must be the leaf upon the river and let us guide your life. Believe in our will and trust in our perfect love and mercy. The man who spoke that night learned the power of trust. Did he live through the battle and did he go on to live out his life in peace? You desire to know and I shall give you the knowledge of this thing. He trusted that he had a destiny, a purpose beyond what he could see. The next day in battle he fought bravely for he was in our light and our will. In the battle the young man was being attacked by three braves who were skilled and he would have died, but the old man fought and saved him. He killed the three Indians but received a fatal wound. He gave his life for another. He lost a wife, two sons and a daughter in his life, and had no heirs to pass his name onto. His grave was a ditch covered with dirt. He was buried with the enemy he slew. He trusted that he would fulfill the destiny of his life, and so he did. He shall stand upon the Crystal Sea and he shall be joined by Rebecca and they shall wait upon their children in my kingdom of light. The young man lived and returned east where he lived and prospered. He learned the power of trust and never forgot the old man who saved him. Was it the destiny of the old man to save the young man? Thou knowest, for there are descendants of the young man within your midst and it was our will and our perfect mercy”


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