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Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2009


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Ken Nix

Sunday, 4/26/2009



“From his tears of love my Son formed man and there was joy in heaven,

Man was created and made in our image and was formed from our light.

Great is our love for all men that have come from our light of love,

Mercy came unto sinful man and life was saved and the light continued.


I have watched men seek the ways of darkness and seek the paths of evil,

Foolish men gone astray who have left my light and love for darkness.

Mercy falls as tears upon the steps of our throne and love shall not die,

Millions have perished, and millions have entered the sleep of the dead.


All are known and each is remembered, no life has been forgotten,

I know every child who died before birth, I know everyone that sleeps.

None are forgotten, I remember the names and I remember their voice,

All who have lived and all who shall live are known for they are mine.


I watched my children die in the flood and my tears fell like the rain,

I watched generation after generation seek the darkness over my light.

I remember, and I shall never forget for I am the Eternal Light,

My Son is coming, Oh He is coming and the dead shall rise.


The light shall be gathered and the light shall come home to me,

The dead shall rise and shall ride upon the clouds and come to me.

Joy without measure, praise without end, for the dead shall rise,

This is the hope within; this is the reality of my light of love.


Repent my little ones; wash your robes in the blood of the precious Lamb,

For the dead shall rise. Will you be of the light or of the darkness?

The righteous shall rule forever and their light shall be without end,

Choose your path with wisdom my people for the dead shall rise.


The unborn that have been slain shall rise up, glory and all praise,

Those sick and weak, those killed in battle, those who passed in sin.

All shall be given life; all shall be renewed for the dead shall rise,

Rise up lights of the Son, rise up lights of the Father, rise up, rise up.


The days of life are coming my people, you who are alive can choose,

Will you rise up to glory or will you miss the greatest blessing of all?

The dead shall rise, the spirit shall be renewed and life restored,

Will you stand upon Crystal Sea? Repent; repent, for the dead shall rise.”



Sunday, March 29, 2009, Song from The Almighty God






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