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Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2009


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Ken Nix

Sunday, 4/26/2009



Wednesday, April 1, 2009-Song from  the Lord Jesus

“There is peace within my heart for I know that you are ever with me Father,

There is joy in my life for I walk in your light and obey your will.

I am here upon earth to fulfill the destiny of light given unto me,

For my destiny was given when life was given for you are the all powerful One.

I know that I shall suffer greatly for the sins of our beloved ones my Father,

But I realize that it is your perfect love that shall guide me through.

For I know that you are with me and that you will strengthen me,

You are my Father and you are love, and by your love I shall do thy will.

I obey you in all things, your will and your desire is my guide each day,

Let your light shine through me; guide my thoughts and words each day.

Be ever with me thou Eternal Light for you are the pure light of heaven,

I know I shall suffer, and I know that the power of my blood shall save.

I am the Lamb of God, I am the Lamb sent unto the world to be slain,

I am your Son, and for this I was born unto a woman to live as man.

I am ready my Father, I shall drink from the cup of my destiny,

For I know that you will hold me close and help me endure my pain.

My beloved ones do not understand and they fail to see heaven’s glory,

They do not realize the blessing that shall come with the blood of your Lamb.

But I know that you shall raise me up unto life once more,

For I know that your promises are sure and your love without end.

Tomorrow I shall die, and my spirit shall sleep and find rest in you,

I shall rise up as you have spoken for I know that you love me.

I shall come home, and I shall become the Redeemer of all men,

For I know that your love is forever and your mercy without end.

The years shall pass and the power of my name shall become known unto them,

And the power of my blood shall cover them and they shall find redemption.

You will bring the light together in the latter days for I know your great love,

Death shall be defeated, and the light shall prevail for I know my destiny.

I shall return to be King over all the earth for I know of your great love,

Men shall live again, and my chosen ones shall rise up in glory Great One.

For I know that I am yours, and I know that your promises are sure,

I shall gather my people, I shall come again, for I know, I know.”






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