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Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2009


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Ken Nix

Sunday, 4/26/2009


The sins of man are ever before me, for men seek the evil ways of darkness,

The foolish heart, the word spoken without love, the way not seen or known.

As blind men you fall and falter as you seek your way each day,

Sin prevails, sin overcomes and man is filled with the heart of sorrow.


The heart of sorrow is like a vise upon thy spirit, feel the weight of thy sin,

Let the sorrow of evil; let the words of evil clutch at thy heart.

The heart of sorrow is to bring you unto repentance, to make lasting change,

The heart of sorrow comes with sin and is the companion of evil.


Why does your heart not ache my people, why is sorrow not deep within?

Do you not see, do you not know the anguish and sorrow of thy sin?

My heart knows sorrow; my spirit grieves for darkness covers the earth,

Let your sin fill your heart with sorrow and bow and repent before me.


The light shines, the light brings power, power to heal and power to cleanse,

Let the light of love remove thy heart of sorrow, let love and light fill.

My Son has won victory, His blood redeems, have hearts of joy,

The heart of sorrow can become a heart of joy which sings everlasting praise.


By the power of His name, by the power of His blood sorrow is washed away,

The heart of sorrow is the heart of sin, wash away thy sins, be clean.

My sorrow shall turn to gladness for soon the darkness shall be defeated,

The heart of sorrow shall fade away and everlasting joy shall fill every heart.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009, Song from The Almighty God



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