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Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2009


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Ken Nix

Sunday, 4/26/2009

Kenneth Nix
For the most part, the Fredericksburg congregation and the Woodruff congregation were unable to keep Passover together this year since it fell on a Tuesday night. We were, however, blessed with a few of the Virginia group for Passover night as they opted to come down early to visit. The rest of the Fredericksburg congregation came down on Wednesday and kept the Night to be Much Remembered with us and were here for the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread on Thursday. They also stayed for Sabbath services and headed back home on Sunday. But I don't want to get ahead of myself. Let’s go back to Passover.

It was powerful!  We were instructed last year to read the message, “Mi Ami, Mi Othna,” which is an extremely powerful message from the Almighty God, and the words mean, “my Son, my love.” If you would like to read this message yourself, it can be found on our website under the newsletter archives in Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2008.

On Passover we also read part of the prayer of the our Lord Jesus that he prayed on the night of darkness which led to glorious light. This was given to us on March 29, 2007 by our Lord Jesus and is read by us when we go to pray before taking of the body and blood of his sacrifice. We were also given two songs to read; both of these songs are included in this issue. The first song is from our Lord Jesus entitled, “For I Know,” and the second song is from the Almighty God entitled, “The Dead Shall Rise.”

We were blessed with three baptisms prior to Passover. There was one baptism in Woodruff and two in Fredericksburg! We praise God for Nathan, Maurice, and Anna and gladly welcomed them into the body of Christ. I was able to include a couple of photos of Maurice and Anna's baptism which took place at the Rapidan River in Virginia. Unfortunately, no one thought to take pictures of Nathan's baptism in Woodruff; it was done in our baptismal tank on the Sabbath prior to Passover. Maurice and Anna were actually baptized Tuesday afternoon prior to Passover.

In Woodruff, we love to have our brothers and sisters join us from Fredericksburg!  It is like a mini feast. We also had Wayne and Jean join us from Florida and we had Kristina join us from Alaska!  All of us were truly blessed with a few wonderful and powerful  days.

When everyone arrived on Wednesday, we enjoyed steak, potatoes and salad for our evening meal. We then read some scriptures and shared stories of  how our God had been mighty in our lives over the past year.

On the First Day of Unleavened Bread we began services at 1:30 PM. We split into two separate groups, with three ministers leading each group, we then had open discussions of the topic given to us by the Almighty God entitled, “Our Mercy.” There were also prayers. We broke for lunch, and then the same groups came back together for another open discussion of the second message given to us by the Almighty God, entitled, “A Life of Worship.”  We then had wonderful fellowship, and many gathered back together later that night to play games.

On Friday we gathered at noon and enjoyed a meal catered by Moe's. Then we had another open discussion lead by myself and my brother, Dave. It was a message from our Lord Jesus, entitled, “Lights of Compassion.” It was very powerful!!  Dave was then allowed to share some other things with the group there. We then went our separate ways to enjoy a meal before sundown.

On the Sabbath, we had a sermon delivered by David Nix concerning brokenness, humility and the power of God. We enjoyed leftovers for our afternoon meal. Then the entire congregation went to a local Chinese restaurant in Woodruff after sundown. It was with tears that we all parted that night. I was able to see Dave and Kim before they left the next morning. Now we are counting the days to when we will be meeting at Valle Crucis, and then the Fredericksburg congregation will be back for Pentecost along with some of our scattered brethren in California and other parts.

We had a very powerful few days as we observed Passover and the start of the Days of Unleavened Bread. We were instructed on our focus for each day during the Days of Unleavened Bread.  Day one was on Mercy, day two was on Compassion, day three was on Humility, day four was on Kindness, day five was on Tenderness, day six was on Love, and day seven was on Grace. All are attributes of the Mighty Ones of heaven. Each day we ate one meal that consisted of nothing but unleavened bread as we focused upon our Lord Jesus. What wonderful days and what wonderful things the Almighty God and Jesus Christ have taught us! We now focus on worship and praise as we count the days to Pentecost. I will be posting the information about reservations, etc...on the website within the next few days. I am including some photos taken during the few days all of us were joined.



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