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Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2009


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Ken Nix

Sunday, 4/26/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd and King. This day I have words to be written and placed within the Words of the Latter Rain, for these words are to help melt hard hearts that refuse to love. This day my servant shall go into the cloud of glory to receive images and words of a life of love, of a heart that longed for love’s touch. Let these words change you. David, my beloved servant, your heart is tender and my love for you is great. You shall weep when you see the images this day for I know the goodness that is within you. Do not allow anyone to deter you from the destiny of love that is set before you.

This is a story of a man and a woman who desired a son and prayed often for this miracle to come unto them. Their prayers were answered and they were given a child to love, a child of a kind and tender heart who longed for love’s touch. See yourself in the story I share, for each of you desires love’s touch and each of you desires mercy and love to come unto you. To receive mercy you must be merciful and to know love’s touch you must love. 

'Spencer, our child is born. The nurse said we have a son. Praises to God in heaven, after all these years of marriage, after all the years of waiting, God has blessed us with a son. Have the nurse bring him so I can hold him and kiss him.’

Abby, I must tell you of our son before you see him. He is strong and healthy but he has a deformity and his face did not properly form and is very distorted. He is a blessing from heaven and needs our love and mercy.’

‘No! Dear God, no! Spencer, he is hideous. His face is so ugly that I can not bear to look upon him. Take him away. I do not desire to nurse him, to touch him, or to take him home.’

‘Abby, may God have mercy upon you. He is our son and he comes home with us. I will love him, and I will care for him if you refuse. I shall call him Isaac and he shall know my love every day of his life.’

Spencer took his wife and son home and life for them was hard. Abby refused to touch her son and Isaac never knew her touch. His father was a very good man and held his infant son and loved him with a heart that flowed with love and mercy. Family and friends avoided them and life was lonely for Isaac. He loved his Dad, but his mother never spoke to him and never touched him. When Isaac was twelve Spencer could no longer watch his wife in her misery and self pity. He took Isaac to live with relatives and left Abby to live in her misery. Spencer died when Isaac was forty-two. Spencer loved his son greatly and his passing was most difficult on our beloved Isaac. We blessed Isaac with a heart of love and he was a most tender and kind man. He was teased and tormented about his face but he never spoke an unkind word and never returned a blow unto another. When he was fifty he learned that his mother was quite ill. She was a woman without love and mercy and no one would care for her. Isaac returned home to care for his dying mother.

‘It is you. I see you are still as hideous as you were when you were born. You can stay here to help, but you are never to touch me for you are not my son.’

‘Momma, I love you and I will care for you. I pray for you every day, and I pray that God will give you a heart of love. I have learned that love’s touch should not be based upon our eyes but based upon our heart. I will honor your wishes and will not touch you while you live.’

Look my servant, look and see our beloved Isaac on the day his mother died. See his tears of sorrow for a love not known and for a woman full of bitterness and darkness. See as he goes into her room, and see as he holds Abby in arms of love. Love’s touch is upon her as Isaac strokes her hair and kisses the cheeks he has never touched. He held her and wept, and spoke of his love for many hours. He had her buried and returned to his modest home. Isaac never married and did not know love’s touch. His father was the last person to touch him and the last person to kiss him and speak words of love unto him. Isaac lived to be eighty-two years old and for the last forty years of his life he did not know love’s touch. Look my servant and see my images of love. See Isaac stand upon the Crystal Sea and see me embrace him and kiss his cheeks. See the people of the light who line up to touch this man and to speak words of love unto him. He shall be spirit and his face perfect and shining with my glory and he shall know love’s touch.

Look into the future David and see my beloved Isaac. The one thousand years are gone and the days of life quickly pass. See him as he stands at a grave all alone. See as his mother Abby is raised from the dead. See Isaac walk up to her and weep and embrace her. See her weep as she finally feels love’s touch. My people, you must learn to touch the untouchable and to love the unlovable, for all men are loved and all men need love’s touch.”






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