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Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2009


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Ken Nix

Sunday, 4/26/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus, your shepherd and King. Hear my words unto you this day. These words are a blessing unto all who read them now and unto all who shall read them in the days ahead. Hearts have been prepared and our light grows within those who seek to be broken. You must desire to worship us and you must desire to be in our presence always. There is great power in our presence for we are the pure light of heaven. You must reach the place where every thought, every word and every action is of the light for light gives power to light. There is no thought, word or deed that is hidden from the Mighty Ones of heaven. All evil feeds the darkness, and all things pure and good feed the light. Hear me this day, for people who profess to follow me and my Father are failing in their walk and are feeding the darkness more than giving power to the light. My people, you must surrender all upon our altar. In yielding and surrendering everything unto us you will learn the power of trust, and in trust you will learn to believe in our perfect love and our perfect will. Begin each day with words of thanksgiving, worship and praise. In your morning prayer lay your day upon our altar and trust us to lead you. We are in your lives and we will guide the man who is surrendered and yielded before us. Let me be your deliverer and your tower of strength. It requires trust to surrender your trials and your struggles, for it is the way of pride to seek solutions based upon your knowledge and your strength. Give me everything and hold nothing back.

In the message about the lessons of life you were given great pearls of wisdom. There is power in all of the words given, but you must read our words and write them upon your heart. See the power that will fill your lives when you truly surrender all that you love and all that you have upon our altar, and trust that we will care for all that you love, for all that you have is ours, and all that you love is also ours. We allow you to be stewards of love, but you must trust that our love for you and for all you love is perfect. Light can defeat darkness for light overcomes darkness. Those who you love that are not of the light can be rescued and saved by the power of our light and our love. Do not see with the eyes of the flesh but see with the eyes of the spirit. Light always gives power to light and all living are of the Eternal Light. Be vigilant in your prayers and be steadfast in your acts of love, and let the light of heaven flow from you. You must reach the place where there are no corrupt words and no words of pride ever spoken. You must be calm in the quietness of our presence. When you struggle with anger and become easily agitated and frustrated you see that you have not fully surrendered and are moved by pride.  You are to be beacons of light and you are to fight against the darkness, but darkness is not defeated when you fight with weapons that are darkness. Let love be the root of every word and let every action flow from a heart rooted in goodness. Do you not see how pride remains in your life and how you have failed to lay all upon our altar? The man who is completely surrendered is a man who has peace for our presence shall fill and we will guide your thoughts, words and actions. You must trust in our perfect will, our perfect love and our perfect timing. Trials shall come unto you, and trials test the patience, and trials test to see if the root of pride remains. Come before us in prayer and ask for us to test and try you; seek our hand of correction to be upon you. A wise man seeks the hands of the potter to mold them into vessels of light, and a foolish man does not seek nor heed words of correction. So many only look to blessings as evidence of our love and feel correction is evidence of our disapproval. Correction is evidence of our love for whom we love we correct. Lay all upon my altar and seek my light to search you and try you for my love is upon you and I desire my people to become vessels of light who shall bring glory and honor unto me and my Father.



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