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Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2009


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Ken Nix

Sunday, 4/26/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender and kind shepherd. These words are for the Words of the Latter Rain and shall help all who have doubts and wonder about our love, our mercy and our perfect timing. We have told our people that there are no coincidences in the life of the surrendered man. We guide and we direct. There are many decisions in life that are difficult and some are made based upon your desire and your will, but there are decisions and events that are by the hand of power and are for those chosen to fulfill the destiny of light within them. So many men see with the eyes of the flesh and do not seek to understand the ways of the spirit. Over time there have been many who walked with me for a season and then returned unto their old ways. Others were afraid to leave the comfort of their lives and never answered my call. What is harder my children, is it more painful to have tasted the bread of life and depart than to not have tasted at all? How do you miss something not known and long for something not held within your hands? All who follow me know the sorrow of both of these things, and all long for that which is known and for that which is unknown. All of you have tasted of my love and my mercy and have felt my presence. A day within our courts truly is better than a thousand other days. All of you know the longing for our presence, for the light that once filled, and each of you who love me long and yearn for that which is unknown and not seen. The flesh does not see as spirit and does not understand. If you eat of the heavenly bread, you shall hunger for me and if you drink of me, no water, no wisdom of man will quench, for in my presence there is the abundance of joy. Why do men leave a blessing given and turn from a gift of love? It is fear; it is seeing through the eyes of the flesh and not with the eyes of the spirit.


Some of my disciples turned back, for my words were too hard for them for I spoke of spiritual things but they heard with the ears of the flesh. Our people Israel became discouraged in the wilderness for they saw with the flesh and not by spirit. The cloud of glory was with them by day and by night. They had a visible sign of our continual presence and they longed for the bondage of Egypt. My ways and the ways of the Father are at times hard to understand, but if you see signs of our presence, why do you seek to leave the presence that surrounds you; why do you flee from our wants and desires? Hear me thou people of the light, you have lost others along the way for some found our words too difficult, for they see with the eyes of the flesh and not with the eyes of the spirit. In our perfect love, in our perfect will and in our perfect wisdom we will not ask you to do that which is too hard for you. If we give you a command, we will give you the power to fulfill our command. I know that you are but flesh and that Satan whispers. He tries to convince you that the cloud of our continual presence is just an illusion, and that the evidences of our love and our blessings are as a vapor that shall quickly pass. I shall never leave you, and I shall never forsake you. If you turn back, I will not follow for I am the shepherd who leads, but I will seek that which is lost for my love is great. To all who find our will too hard, hear my words unto you. I am here. I am here with open arms of love. I stand at the door, and I will open the closed door if you knock and seek to walk through the door before you. Do not see with eyes of flesh for things are not always as they appear. If you are an instrument, a vessel of honor, you are to bring glory and honor unto me. Do not fear my people. Call unto me to receive the fullness of our presence. I do give you warning my children, for the cloud did leave the children and was lost unto them for their time. The blessing was lost in the wilderness and all died save the children and Caleb and Joshua. This is the final generation of man before I return. Do you want to miss the blessings of your time? Will the cloud of glory wait for you, or shall it move forward as my people move forward? Once tasted, can you forget the joy of my heavenly light and the peace of our presence? Come back to me my children and know the fullness of our love. Do not see and hear with the flesh, but trust in the power of our light and the power of our goodness.



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