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Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2009


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Ken Nix

Sunday, 4/26/2009

“I am the Lord Jesus, Son of God and your Messiah and King. These words are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. These are words to help the people of the latter days to understand the power of the light and to also understand that the darkness grows and that the darkness seeks to destroy the light. All across the earth there is darkness and the darkness grows in power for the people of the earth feed the darkness. Light gives power to light, and the darkness feeds the darkness. By the power of the cloud of glory I shall reveal images unto my servant and he shall see the events as given in these words. There are three realms within the universe and man mostly sees the events of the natural and physical realms, and the events of the spiritual realm are not seen unless we reveal them unto man. There is a war that is being fought and it is the war between light and darkness. This night David, you shall see a glimpse of the spiritual realm and you shall feel the power of the struggle between light and darkness and you shall understand that every thought, word and action matters, for either you give power to light or you feed the darkness. See as my messenger goes unto two of my chosen and leads them to a place within the spiritual realm. It is a place between heaven and earth, a place where the four corners of the earth can be clearly seen. The four angels standing on the four corners of the earth are at this place and they watch and they see. Each will speak unto the two that come, and you my servant shall see and experience the struggle that continually occurs upon the earth. Another angel shall join them and his words will help you to understand the power of heavenly light. All is not as it seems, for men see with the eyes of the flesh and do not see the power of the light and the depth of the darkness. Look and see the earth and see the darkness that grows due to the hard hearts and sinful ways of man. Let the words given help you my people for you are soldiers in the battle that is fought each day and in the days ahead you shall be warriors of my light.

‘I stand upon the four corners of the earth and I hold the wind that covers the north. The darkness grows in power for men are foolish and do not understand the power of the spiritual realm. Man is a spirit that resides within temples of clay but men think physically and not with the spirit. When you sin as man, you feed the darkness and diminish the light. Two chosen of the Lord have come unto this place. Here you can see the four corners and here you can sense the darkness and see the light and see the darkness. Look thou servant of the Lord and see the depth of the darkness that moves upon the North. Darkness is against the light and darkness grows. Every thought that is evil can lead to actions of darkness. Men think that sin does not matter if it does not hurt others, and most do not care if their sin has consequences for sin is rooted in selfish pride. I am an angel of light, and the messengers of light travel continually through the realms and they help those of the light and they protect. Here at this place you can see the light that shines forth and you can see the darkness and it is evident that the darkness grows. Men are blind and do not understand the power of the light. The evil ones come together for they have a plan and they seek the destruction of man. The warrior angels fight for those of the light and seek to rescue those lost in a world of darkness. Do not think that Satan and his evil ones do not see, for they roam the earth seeking to destroy all who are of the light. All men are born in the light but sin leads them from the light and into the darkness. Look to the North and see the powers of darkness that prepare and gather to defeat that which remains of the light.’


‘I stand upon the four corners of the earth and I hold the wind that covers the east. You are here by the power of God to see how the darkness grows and covers the earth. Look thou servant of the Lord and see the young girl lost in a world of darkness for the evil ones seek to destroy the youth upon the earth. See the young man who is lost in the power of drugs and the man who looks upon evil within his home while his wife and children sleep. Hear the words of anger as a man strikes the woman he vowed to love and hear the suffering and see the tears of a child molested by hands that promised to love and protect precious heavenly gifts. Feel the sorrow thou servants of the Most High and feel the depth of darkness that prevails upon the earth. Every evil thought, every corrupt word, every action rooted in darkness feeds the darkness and diminishes the light. The darkness grows in the East and the darkness prepares and gathers to go out against what remains of the light.’

‘I stand upon the four corners of the earth and I hold the wind that covers the south. Before me stands two chosen of the Lord, two who are to be warriors of light in the days of the end. Look and see how the darkness grows. Darkness controls the media of nations and sits upon the seats of power. See as the unborn are slaughtered and the evil grows like fog across the south corner. Religion is just a word, and for most faith is only a word for the faith of men is upon their power and their might. Rise up thou King of the South for the land is ready for the darkness fills the temples and churches of the earth. Marriage has been made into an evil thing and men lie with men and women with women and practice abominations before the Almighty Ones of heaven. The depth of evil has grown and brought forth its fruit and the blind of the earth eat thereof. Can man drink from the cup of evil and not feel the wrath of the Almighty? The Great I AM has removed his hand and he allows men to practice the evil desires of their hearts. Darkness grows and the powers of evil gather. Proclaim the word of the Lord thou servants of the light. Do you not see how light must stand and how light must shine forth? Every action of darkness feeds the darkness, but every action of light gives power to light. Every act of mercy, every word of kindness, love, gentleness and mercy gives power to the light within and without. You must become warriors of the light for the darkness grows in the South, and the darkness prepares and gathers together to defeat that which remains of the light.’


‘I stand upon the four corners of the earth and I hold the wind that covers the west. Upon all the earth the darkness spreads and grows in power. In the west the hypocrisy of those who claim to love the Lord Jesus grows and those who claim to be of the light feed the darkness each day and their light becomes dim. Churches are filled each week and many gather to worship a God made in their own image, a God who is tolerant of sin and evil, a God who looks the other way when unborn children are murdered, a God who does not weep when abominations are accepted as good and evil is rewarded and encouraged. If you serve a God molded by your own hands of evil, are you not idolaters? The Great I AM changes not and he is light, and there is no darkness within him. The people of the west have become corrupt and evil covers this corner of the earth. Light remains, and some light grows in power, but the ways of evil are often subtle and darkness prevails. The light must gather to become one voice and one hope to become as a mighty beacon that shall defeat the darkness, for the darkness grows in the West, and the darkness prepares and gathers to go out against what remains of the light.’


‘The servants of the Lord stood with the angels that stand upon the four corners of the earth, each holding the four winds of the earth and then another angel came unto them. He was an angel of great light, an angel sent with words of light to give unto the chosen ones, unto those with eyes to see and with ears to hear. Hear the words of light given unto you this night.’


‘The Great I AM is the God of the living and he is the Eternal Light. I come by the power of his light unto the four corners to give you words of love and words of hope. All men are beloved of God for all men are of his light. All living are of the Eternal Light for he is the light of life. People of the light, you fail to understand the power of light within you, and you fail to see how even the smallest act of evil gives power to the darkness. The light is within all men, and every word of kindness spoken, every act of love and mercy, every good thing done gives light unto you and unto those you shine light upon. Light gives power to light and every action of light is a blow against the evil. How can you overcome darkness when you do battle against yourself?  For every victory you lose ground when you sin and when you walk in the shadows. The power of light is in and of the light. Be in the center of light and become warriors of the light. By the power of the spirit of light I touch the hearts of the servants who are here at this place of light. I allow you to feel the sorrow of the darkness from the four corners of the earth and I allow you to feel the sorrow of your own sins committed against the Holy Ones of heaven. Thy sins have been washed away, but you must not forget the sorrow you feel within. Stand and be warriors of light, for every thought, every word and every action must be in and of the light. Darkness grows and darkness prepares and gathers in the four corners of the earth to go against those of the light, but the Eternal Light has also prepared hearts to receive the outpouring of power in these latter days. Become vessels broken to receive so that you may stand against the darkness. Victory is won, but the Lord shall use his vessels of light to fight the battles upon the earth. You must not grow weary, and you must stand against the evil upon the four corners of the earth, and you must let light give power to light, and you must prevail and endure until the day when the Son of Light returns and darkness shall forever be defeated. Go forth and go with the power of the light. Put on the armor of light and do not wound thyself with thoughts, words and actions of darkness. Rise up and become the vessel of light you have been chosen to become. Send forth the light until the days when the light shall be sealed and the light shall be gathered as a mighty harvest upon the earth.'

My people, the days of battle are upon you and have been upon you all your life, but you have been ignorant of the ways of light and the ways of darkness. You have shield and sword and you have the armor of light. Now is the time to rise up and walk in the ways of heavenly light for there are lost and alone upon the four corners of the earth who need you to be mighty warriors of light."











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