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Love From A Grateful Heart

Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/26/2009


Love From a Grateful Heart

These words are taken from Parable 120, which will be a part of the third book. They fit well with the words of this issue so I felt led to share them with you.

“Love must be rooted in a heart of goodness, and love must be rooted in a heart of gratefulness. Without a heart of thankfulness and gratefulness love will not grow, for love will diminish in selfishness. It is selfishness to seek blessings and not be thankful for the blessings received. In gratefulness the light of love can grow. In worship, praise and thanksgiving you shall see the spirit of gratefulness grow. Thank the Mighty Ones for all blessings, praise them for each blessing, and worship them for their blessings of love and mercy. It is a wise man who enters their gates with thanksgiving, praise and a heart of worship, for these are the reflections of a grateful heart and a heart of love rooted in goodness. When you see the love that has been given, and you express thankfulness for the love bestowed, you shall learn the power of love, for love is thankful and love will seek the expression of love. Love is to flow from light to light. When you see the love of God in your life, you will praise him, and thank him, and worship him and your heart of gratefulness will lead you to see all of his blessings. The power of gratefulness is the power of love, for the more you see his bounteous goodness, and the more you seek to thank him, the more you shall grow in love for him and for all that is given. Love for the Lord God and the Lord Jesus must be expressed, and the expression of love unto them will lead you to love them with all of your heart and will also lead you to love your neighbor as yourself. Gratefulness is the expression of love that acknowledges his goodness and also the goodness of others. We must also see the love of others, and we must be thankful for all actions and words of love given unto us, but our love must not just be rooted in the acknowledgement of love. We must love for God is love, and God loves us, we must love others for they are children of God, and as children of the light we are to love all who have the light of God within them. All men have their origin in the Eternal Light and all men are to be shown love.”



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