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Lessons Of My Life

Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/26/2009


Kenneth Nix

Julie and I were blessed with a cloud message from the Lord Jesus on Saturday, February 21, 2009 The message is entitled, “The Lessons of Life” and a large portion of it is shared in this newsletter. I was instructed by our Savior and King to submit an article based on this message drawing from my own life's experiences. The first lesson shared in the cloud message is “Seek only precious pearls that are of God. Do not see through the eyes of man but see the beauty within and allow God to shape you and mold you to become a pearl as valuable as the one you seek  Unfortunately too many of these lessons of wisdom shared in this message are being learned by me in hindsight instead of with foresight. I have precious pearls around me and I have been blessed with a precious pearl in my wife. I was 25 years old by the time I met and married her. I wish I could say that I waited my years of youth in patience trusting in God to bless me with her. But instead I must admit that I lived a life in sin and did not follow godly principles in courting, and it is only by the graciousness of God that he gave Julie to me. In the years of our marriage I have begun to learn that I need to have God mold me into a pearl as valuable as the one he gave me. Lesson two is “Look to the heart within. Let the goodness within you reach out to the goodness in others. See the child of God in all men and all who walk this earth and speak words to touch them and words to show them the value that is within us all for we are all of God and we are all his pearls

As I share the lessons, it is with regret that I didn't learn these lessons early in life but it is also with great excitement that I am being taught these lessons and have the opportunity to apply them now and in the years ahead. In regards to lesson two, I have been shown this wisdom in the past few years and the Mighty Ones of heaven are teaching me to love and to have spiritual sight. Most of my life I have walked as many; I had my circle of family and friends but failed to reach out to others. I now look at others with new eyes but know I still have a long way to go. Lesson three is, “Surrender all that you have and all that you love upon the altar of God and then trust him and his beloved Son to care for those that you love and to be mighty in your life. They are the ones who own all things and we are but stewards of some of their most precious pearls.”

Surrender should be such an easy thing, but I keep getting in the way. I have never fretted over my children and have always had a trust in God when it came to them. But I haven't always surrendered everything in my life and haven't always recognized that the Mighty Ones of heaven are in control and possess all that I see and know. There is great freedom in this knowledge. When I went to leave my last job and to go to work for the church full time, I did so with joy and excitement. I watched so many with my old employer fret continually about their jobs. Everyone was always jumping to put out fires. Everyone turned mole hills into mountains and everything was an emergency. So many go through life each day in fear. Lesson three allows you to get rid of all that fear.

Lesson four is, “You must have faith and believe in the perfect love and the perfect will of God and you must accept his will and you must praise him and worship him even when your heart is breaking. His way is not our way but we must trust and believe and praise him and thank him for the blessings given, even for the ones we wish we could hold on to forever.”

When we look at everything in our life as a gift, then we approach life with gratefulness and praise. Most men are very selfish in their love and in their approach to life. I haven't lost a child and cannot begin to grasp the pain and grief of it, but I do know that God is good and that he is over all. We must learn to have faith and to praise him in storm or sunshine. I have heard and quoted the phrase, “his way is not our way.” How many truly grasp this and believe it? How many times in our lives have we tried to fit his way into our way of thinking? For myself, far too often.

I have been blessed with four sons and I know they are all gifts from God. I know that too often in years gone by that I have allowed distractions of the world to take me from the pearls God has given me. I now praise God daily for my wife and children and know they are blessings from God that are in his hands. I praise him for each day that I have them. So many people look for the next thing in their lives and fail to see the blessing they already have around them. In this newsletter is a message entitled, “Simple Blessings.” The message of truth in it is priceless.

Lesson five is, “Homes built upon the strong foundation of love and homes filled with the light of heaven shall weather the storms of life. Build homes where their words are read and praises are often sung and learn the power of joy and let laughter fill your homes of light and peace.”

Hardships, disasters, and trials are part of life and of living. We all go through the seasons of life and need to praise God for each aspect of living. It helps when you have a safe harbor. When I use to have job stress or struggles in life, I always knew I could go to a home where my children loved me and thought that I could do anything. I have  a wife that has loved and supported me. I have parents that loved and supported me. All of this is a blessing from God. My home had Christian principles but it was not filled with the light of heaven. In my home there were still difficulties which increased as my children went into teenage years. Now they, and I, have survived the teenage years, and due to God's mercy I have a home that is filled with the light of heaven. In my home there is joy and laughter and love. It is what I desire for all homes across this world. Now you can hear songs of praise being sung. Also, now my home is truly filled with the light of heaven in sheer numbers alone as I have been blessed with having the young adults of our church gather here most weekends.  I would love to have a sign on the front of my home that reads, "Welcome! love, laughter, and the light of heaven fills this home. Come on in!" Some of the most beautiful words in the bible are found in a verse from Joshua when he states that as for him and his house they would serve the Lord. (See Joshua 24:15)

Lesson six is, “All children are the light of heaven and the heritage of love is deep within all men. The light of love within all can be nurtured and will grow when we send our light of love unto them. The love we showed to our children and grandchildren returns and flows and grows. The more we show love the more we shall receive love for God is love and he is within all who live.”

The love I have shown my children has come back to me ten fold and as much as I love my granddaughter, just a look from her eyes and the smile she gives me feels like pure love flowing over me. I rejoice in years of love and laughter ahead in God's kingdom where love will continue to ever grow. It isn't just in family that the principle of love works. Not all will love us because we love them, but I still receive far greater love than I seem to give and the love  received from the Mighty Ones of heaven can never be equaled.

Lesson seven is, “Prayer is the path of love for prayer lets us express love and prepares us to receive love. When a loved one passes we miss their touch and their presence but we also miss hearing them and we miss speaking to them. I now pray often for I need to speak to the ones I love and I come here for I still have the need to tell you the thoughts of my heart. Through prayer I now love the Lord more than ever before and he has made me into a vessel of love. I show love to all I meet and his love fills me and overflows.”

I now try to show love to all I meet. It is a worthy lesson to follow. My love has grown for the Mighty Ones of heaven as I pray to them and praise them. I desire to be a vessel of their love to others. I have one additional thought in regards to this lesson. The man loved to speak to his deceased wife. God has shown us that part of our light remains marking our grave. I wonder if it records words spoken and if one day the words of love will be heard by our loved ones who lie asleep? I don't believe love is ever wasted or ever returns void. I believe every word of love you speak will  be heard, so speak  freely to all, both living and dead, and embrace these lessons of life. Make them lessons of your own life.



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