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Praise From A Surrendered Heart

Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/26/2009

I am the Almighty God in heaven and these are words to be placed within the newsletter. We have given you many words of wisdom and power. The Words of the Latter Rain shall continue and shall grow as more people learn of the words that have been poured out upon you. The parables have come to an end and one hundred-twenty messages of power have been given unto the people of the latter days. These are words of love and words of wisdom that shall go forth. The children of the light are beloved and our presence is with you. People all over the earth are prepared to receive the pouring out of the latter rain, for the light must shine forth unto a world in darkness. I have given you many words about praise, and our word contains examples of the power of praise. People of the light, you must learn the great power that is found in praise. We have told you that praise opens up the doors of heaven and praise opens up your hearts. Praise will make the darkness flee, so praise is a mighty weapon of light against the power of darkness. You must learn to praise us in all things; in sunshine or sorrow you are to praise us, and you are to trust in our perfect love and our perfect desire for your life.


There is great power when you surrender and trust, and when you give us all that you hold dear. So many people do not understand the connection between surrender and praise. To know the fullness of praise you must be yielded and surrendered and your life must be laid upon my altar. When you are mine, when nothing is withheld, when you truly are the leaf upon the river, you shall begin to see the great power of praise. I am the Yakahalahiym and I have all power. There is no thought, no word or deed that I do not hear and see. None can hide, and there are no secrets from me. I hear the doubts of your spirit, and I know when you fail to trust in my perfect love and desire. When you surrender you remove barriers and you remove pride, for in trust there can be no pride. Self reliance is pride and is the lack of trust and surrender. When you are surrendered, when you have given all and withheld nothing, you will see the blessings of our love, and your heart of gratefulness will grow. In the gratefulness of a surrendered and trusting heart worship and praise will grow. The surrendered heart will look to me and my Son for all things and will see the blessings that are bountifully given unto you each day. In seeing, you shall know the power of our love. Gratefulness and praise are the response of a surrendered heart to the love of heaven. Praise is to flow from your heart and is to be the natural response of the life given unto me, for you are of my light and I am your heavenly Father.


Enter our gates with thanksgiving and praise and learn the power of worship. When the sun is upon you, worship and praise, when clouds of sadness come unto you, praise and worship, for our will is perfect in your life. Many of your trials are the result of your hand and of your lack of surrender and your decisions. The key is to be constant in your praise and worship. Man grows angry with me and withdraws from me due to circumstances that they themselves have caused. Do you punish me when you fail to seek my presence or is the trial you are in increased by withdrawing from my presence? I do test and correct, but do not blame the Mighty Ones of heaven for the decisions that you make.


The absolute laws of heaven govern the universe. When men violate my law there is a consequence, and the motion that is already set will follow the action done. Your actions result in the motion that has been established. Praise is the power to restore you into our presence. Your actions will cause other action, and many actions of light are already established and will be set in motion by your actions. Praise and worship is a choice, but is an action that will result in action, or motion, from heaven. I inhabit the praises of my people; this means that praise brings my presence. This is the motion that follows your action. Praise releases the power of light within you and brings my presence. It is the surrendered heart that shall understand the fullness of the power of praise. When you live a life of continual worship your praises shall flow from you each day, and you shall be filled with the power of heavenly light, and our presence shall be with you. In surrender and trust you shall learn the power of praise, for if you are not surrendered, if you do not trust, the barrier of unbelief prevents the fullness of praise. Give me your all, and trust in our perfect love and our perfect will, and enter my gates with thanksgiving and praise, and let the heart of worship be ever within you.



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