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Simple Blessings

Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/26/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus your Savior and King and these words will help my people to understand the power of our presence. This day my servant of the latter days and my beloved daughter shall go into the cloud of glory to receive a message from the past. Cheina, you are descended from the man whose life I shall give you a glimpse of this day. His name is Robert and he lived in England and was a restless young man who desired adventure. The British Empire was broad and wars were fought often. He decided to join the army to seek the adventure of traveling to other lands. His parents wanted him to become an apprentice and learn a valued skill, but he desired to seek his own path. He was in love with a young woman named Tish and she did not want him to leave. In his adventures he learned the value of family and gained appreciation for the simple pleasures of life, and he also found me. I share his story with you this day.


‘Tish, I must go for I have no desire to remain here. I have lived in this town all of my life and I want to experience the joy of travel and the adventure and glory of war. I know there is danger but I am not afraid. I will return when my time is served, and I will become an apprentice and we can marry and live a life of calmness, but for now I must do this thing.’


‘Robert, I love you and I will be here waiting for you. I will pray for you each day and pray for your safety and quick return.’


Robert soon learned that there is no glamour in war, only suffering and death. He fought in several battles and knew that being a soldier was not the life that he desired.  He was in a battle where they were not victorious and most of his friends were killed and he was taken captive. Prisoners were not treated with any kindness and the horror of prison was far worse than the battlefield. He was tortured and severely beaten. He had very little to eat and remained weak and barely alive. In prison he began to pray and seek our presence for the first time since his childhood. After nine months he was able to escape but he was in a desolate land and was weak and reached a place where he had no more strength and very little will to live. In the place of helplessness he turned to us for mercy. I share his prayer with you this day.


‘Almighty God in heaven. Please hear my prayer this day and have mercy upon me. I am lost in this jungle and I cannot find my way. I have water but have been unable to obtain food. Without your help I shall surely die. I was foolish to leave home to go to fight in a land where we are invaders and hated. I would love to be at home with my family. These last months have shown me what blessings I had but ones I took for granted. The warmth of a fire, the early morning sun shining upon my bed, the sound of my sister’s laughter, my mother singing in the kitchen and the smell of fresh baked bread. I long to sit on the porch with my tea and listen to my dog breathing as he sleeps. Life is full of simple things that when removed seem to be such major blessings. I praise you and thank you for all the goodness you have shown unto me. Dear Lord I repent of all my sins and ask forgiveness. I pray that heaven’s gate will open unto me. Have mercy on Tish and on my family and help them to find comfort when they learn of my death. I am ready if I must die my God but I do ask for mercy and life if you can help deliver me from this place and the death that is upon me.’

Mercy was sought and mercy was found. A patrol found Robert and he was given food and taken to a hospital. It took several months before he was strong again. He completed his time and survived the perils of war. He returned to England and there he found Tish waiting for him as she had promised.


‘Robert, I have prayed for you and I now praise the Lord for your safe return. I have missed you and am so very happy that you are home. I want nothing more than to care for you and spend my life with you.’


Robert and Tish were married and had a wonderful life together. Robert lived a simple life but he lived each day with joy for he walked in our will and remained in our presence. He had four children and taught each one to cherish the blessings of a life of love lived in our presence and lived with appreciation for life’s blessings. He never forgot his prayer and he never again took for granted any blessing he received. He loved to sit on his porch with his tea and listen to his wife sing in the kitchen baking bread, and he loved the sound of laughter as the joy of life filled his home. In our presence there is great joy and life is to be lived in the presence of heavenly light. When he was old and his children grown he and Tish would reflect upon their life of blessings. Robert wrote a poem which I share this day.

Simple Blessings


‘The sun shines brightly through my window and reflects upon my wife’s mirror.

 I sigh and reach over and touch the one I love and we touch but say nothing.

I lie with her in my arms and remember perils gone by and I praise you.

 Life is wonderful when you are with me my God, your blessings are upon me.


I see men who hurry along the path each day, they fail to see the fox that passes.

No one stops to hear the children as they play, the sights and sounds of blessings.

My life is simple many would say, but how do you measure life’s simple blessings?

Simple blessings come unto me each day for I hear and see your hand upon me.


You blessed me with a woman dear and children to fill my home with joy and laughter.

My dogs sit by my feet and walk the fields with me each day, all simple blessings. 

The warmth of the fire on a cold night, fresh bread baking each day, simple blessings.

Solomon in all his glory failed to see and failed to understand your simple blessings.


May I never fail to thank you, may I never fail to praise you for your simple blessings.

Your presence is felt each day for with each ray of sun upon my face I see you.

I see you in the fields and in the cold stream that I drink from, simple blessings.

Simple blessings are the greatest of all for they are known in your presence O’ Lord.’



My people, you must learn the power of joy. Do not allow circumstances to lead you from my presence. There are blessings in our presence and everlasting joy. The simple blessings of life are always sweet to the man who walks in our presence for in our presence the light shall give you joy. Praise us for life, and praise us for life’s simple blessings.”






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