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Marcia's Musings

Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/26/2009


The Directors

Marcia Smeenk


A truck pulled up in front of a federal building in Oklahoma and its explosion amounted to mass murder.  What will it take for the world to see the signs of danger?  Two years earlier a basement garage of the World Trade Center in New York had already become the scene of an explosion.  Then on September 11, 2001 we saw planes hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. People watched in disbelief, they cried tears, and hugged their neighbors.  They became kinder, became more patient with others, resurrected long lost beliefs, and filled the churches of this land.  However, in time they again became complacent and went back to their sinful ways.  Buildings rebuilt, people healed, memorials erected and dates placed in history books yet to be written.  God is no longer on their mind.


These scenes of destruction were the result of well planned efforts of the Director of Darkness.  Planning began early and training began early.  One team had to learn to fly an airplane.  They had to practice their moves.  They researched flight plans, geography and flight schedules.  The plans took time to develop but when implemented, they succeeded in doing far more damage than they had planned, for darkness feeds darkness.


Danger again lurks behind the scenes – behind closed doors, but the masses are unaware.  How will we warn them so they will hear?  Will they listen? Unfortunately, not many will, yet.  Isn’t this our job?  Yes, but it is not by our efforts.  We are to be led by a script, by scenes having been written long ago in heavenly planning rooms. We are the actors. The stage is being set.  We are learning our parts, our lines, in these last scenes of life as “normal” upon the earth. We have the power of light with and within us and have the capability of doing far more than we think because light gives power to light. Learn your parts, learn the actions.  We only see small sections of our role.  We only partially see the scenes, the setting, or the acts of the play and the curtain is about to be raised.  We are prepared; we are ready to be led in our role, ready to act.


The Director of Light stands, all is ready. Act I is commencing.  We see the words we are to say in front of our eyes.  We realize we have seen this before.  It is like clockwork.  Act I becomes Act II and III and more.  The hours, the days, the years pass as nothing.  It has been well rehearsed and the patterns set have paid off.  Who is the Master Director of this play?  Do you trust in his direction?


The play is over.  We awake to applause and it is the holy angels we hear. The Father and Son beckon to us with open arms to come forward. Our rehearsing of daily sacrifice, fasting, reading, memorization and hearing of the word have adequately prepared us and we have the victory.  Trust in the judgment of the Master Director of Light, yield and surrender. We have the script.  Learn it. 


The Director of Darkness is relentlessly planning and directing acts of darkness. He has been working behind the scenes on his play composed of many acts and scenes, and has been conducting rehearsals for years; he knows his time is short.  Now is the time to sharpen your light swords and be ready to act under the direction of the Director of Light, for the world needs deliverance and our roles have been given.



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