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Prepare for the Days of Battle

Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/26/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. The power of darkness moves quickly in your nation and in the nations of the world. You see changes occurring each day and each week as your nation becomes weaker, and there is fear that grows within the hearts of men. You are living in the latter days, and what you see is just a glimpse of what shall come unto you. In these days of trial and fear there is a light that is growing; it is a light of love and a light of mercy. Light is the power of heaven, and the light also grows stronger within hearts that are being prepared. There is a work that must be done, for the light must shine, and the people of the earth must be warned. Your nation shall grow weaker, but we will have mercy and your economy will improve for a time, for our light will go forth. It is time for people of the earth to seek us in true repentance. Your leaders are of the darkness and they shall lead you to destruction. The sins of your nation are upon you, and the time of reaping what has been sown shall soon come unto you. Seek the power of light, and seek the true joy that only comes unto those who are in and of the light. There are principles of light that have been given unto you and you need to apply them each day.

People of the light, you must understand that the way of darkness is often subtle, and that pride is their greatest weapon against you, for as was given, pride is the enemy that never sleeps. You must understand that Satan truly is as a lion that roams the earth seeking ones to destroy. He desires the light to be swept away by his darkness, but light has power over darkness. All that has been given unto you in these latter days will help you in the days that are before you. Though men will tell you that all is well, you know this is not true, all is not well, for the darkness grows in power and all is made ready. Your nation has been led to a state of weakness, for in your prosperity you have forgotten the ways of heaven. In your pride you feel that your strength will deliver you and save you. I have removed my hand due to the sins of this nation and the darkness grows. You need the peace that only comes from heaven as a gift of love, and you need the joy that only comes unto those who walk in the light of heaven. Days of turmoil and days of sorrow are before you, and you will need the power of heavenly light in order to stand and not waver.

You must see the light and sense the darkness. If the spirit of light within speaks unto you and tells you that something is of the darkness, you must hear with the spirit. There is spiritual sense, and the darkness is most often felt before it is seen. Do not seek to know the ways of darkness. If you feel the darkness you must use the power of light to defeat it. You do not have to  experience sin to recognize sin, and you do not have to see the darkness to know that it is near. Spiritual sense is the power of light. The gifts of the spirit are needed to help the people of the light to do battle against the evil of darkness. You must understand that Satan and his evil ones are your enemy and they seek to destroy all that is of the light. You must learn to walk in the fruits of life and learn to control each thought, each word and each action. The ears of heaven are open unto the cries of the righteous man, so you need to walk in holiness and purity before me. The power of prayer is a great power, but your prayers are affected by your position in the light. Walk in the light of heaven and become people who are pure and holy.

Satan is the one who whispers and his workers of darkness whisper unto you. They seek to deceive you, and they seek to cause you to doubt the power of heavenly light and the power of our love and our mercy. Darkness is cloaked in light and has sat at the table of the righteous. Do not be deceived by words, but look unto the heart and unto the fruits. Where you see great pride you will see darkness, for we dwell with the humble and broken, not with the proud. Pride of intellect is one of Satan’s greatest tools, for pride is the path of sin. Pride does not always lead to wickedness, but pride is a barrier to light. Does Satan have to lead you to commit evil to defeat you, or can he defeat you by simply removing you from our light into the shadows? Muted light is darkness. Many who profess to know me are deceived and walk in the muted light, which is darkness.

Spend time in prayer and in our word for light gives power to light. Yield and surrender your spirit unto us so that we can lead you unto the light. Give me dominion for I am your Savior and King. Remember, it is the darkness that shall declare that I am not the Son of God, and it is darkness that shall proclaim to be God upon earth. The seeds of destruction have been sown and the days of the harvest are coming. When evil comes, and your world welcomes the darkness, you must stand and be a beacon of light. Prepare for the days of battle that are before you, and realize that each day the evil ones watch and they wait for the sheep to leave the flock to walk the shadows of darkness. Prepare my children, learn the principles of light and write them upon your hearts and be in and of the light always.”




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