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The Lessons of Life

Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/26/2009

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King.  Life gives many lessons and it is a wise man who learns from his own life and also from the lives of others. I shall share words from the life of a man who lived several hundred years ago. The lessons of his life will help all who read the message. His name is Charles and his wife is Rebecca. Learn from the words shared and learn from a life of love, and write the lessons of life upon your hearts. Life is but a moment and then it is gone. Learn to cherish simple blessings and learn to see the power of our hand in your lives. Charles was born into a very poor family but he was blessed to grow up in a home of love and light. His life was lived in the light of heaven and he shall stand upon the Crystal Sea. ‘My Rebecca, how are you this fine summer day? I have so much to tell you my dear, so much that has happened since my last visit. It is one of my joys to come here each week to speak with you. Last night I had a dream, and in my dream I saw our life together and I woke up with great joy. You have been gone for six years now and I miss you every day. I know some think I am foolish to come here and tell you about my week but it brings me peace and fills a void that is deep within me. You were my light and my greatest joy and I shall love you forever. In my dream I saw the events of our life together, and as they unfolded before me, I thought about the lessons of life and know this dream was given unto me by God. This morning I wrote the lessons that were given unto me, and it is my desire to read them to you and to give them to our children so that they may learn from the lessons of a life of love and a life of learning to walk in the way of heavenly light. Thank you for loving me and thank you for being my helper and for the times you were also my teacher. Life teaches many lessons, but in my dream of the night seven lessons were clearly seen and I wrote the words that were placed upon my heart.

Some of life’s greatest gifts come unto those who walk in faith and unto those who seek the precious pearls of God. We met when I was ten and you were the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I was barefoot for I had no shoes and you were adorned in the finest of clothes. I knew I would win your heart but I knew I must become a man of honor, a man worthy of one of God’s great blessings. At the age of ten I learned a valuable lesson of life.


(1) Seek only precious pearls that are of God. Do not see through the eyes of man but see the beauty within and allow God to shape you and mold you to become a pearl as valuable as the one you seek.


We married when we were nineteen and had struggles but we also had laughter and joy. Some say you gave up much when you married a man of a lesser social class but you saw the beauty that was within me and by your life of love you brought out only the finest things in me. You taught me the power of prayer and the power of seeking things that are of heaven. I shall forever thank you for helping me and for loving me.


(2) Look to the heart within. Let the goodness within you reach out to the goodness in others. See the child of God in all men and all who walk his earth and speak words to touch them and words to show them the value that is within us all for we are all of God and we are all his pearls.

We were blessed with beautiful children and each is greatly loved. When he was two our son Billy became very sick. In the days that he struggled to live we together learned the third lesson of great value.


(3) Surrender all that you have and all that you love upon the altar of God and then trust him and his beloved Son to care for those that you love and to be mighty in your life. They are the ones who own all things and we are but stewards of some of their most precious pearls.


Billy died and our hearts knew such sorrow. Your pain is forever gone but I still feel the sorrow of his death. I love him and his death was most difficult, but in his death we learned another lesson of life.


(4) You must have faith and believe in the perfect love and the perfect will of God and you must accept his will and you must praise him and worship him even when your heart is breaking. His way is not our way but we must trust and believe and praise him and thank him for the blessings given, even for the ones we wish we could hold on to forever.


In our sorrow we learned the power of praise and the value of family and the power of love. In those days of sadness we also learned the next lesson that was revealed to me in my dream.


(5) Homes built upon the strong foundation of love and homes filled with the light of heaven shall weather the storms of life. Build homes where their words are read and praises are often sung and learn the power of joy and let laughter fill your homes of light and peace.


We laughed and we played and we read their Holy word and our hearts mended by the power of their love. Our children grew and married, and the Lord blessed us with many small ones to cherish and love. Holding the babies of our babies taught us another lesson of life.


(6) All children are the light of heaven and the heritage of love is deep within all men. The light of love within all can be nurtured and will grow when we send our light of love unto them. The love we showed to our children and grandchildren returns and flows and grows. The more we show love the more we shall receive love for God is love and he is within all who live.


My beloved, the last lesson that my dream revealed unto me came with your death and the emptiness that filled my heart.


(7) Prayer is the path of love for prayer lets us express love and prepares us to receive love. When a loved one passes we miss their touch and their presence but we also miss hearing them and we miss speaking to them. I now pray often for I need to speak to the ones I love and I come here for I still have the need to tell you the thoughts of my heart. Through prayer I now love the Lord more than ever before and he has made me into a vessel of love. I show love to all I meet and his love fills me and overflows.’”




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