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Ken Nix

Friday, 2/20/2009

“The power of heavenly light falls upon those who seek to humble themselves before me. Light of power and light of love is the light that comes to the small and broken ones. Cry out for the mercy of heaven to fall upon you, to fill you with light and love. Surrender your lives and lay your hard hearts upon my altar of light and love.


Love is the way of heaven, tenderness is the way of heaven, and I desire your ways to be of me. Why do you resist the power of my love and mercy? Let the light of heaven fall down upon you. Seek the light of love, seek the light of truth and the light of mercy, seek my ways. I have great love for man and I am with all living, and I guide the steps of the righteous.


Become pure, become holy, become as my Son, become tender and kind. Be men who cry, be men who yearn to comfort the broken and hurting around you. Let the hands of love lift those who fall and give hugs of love unto those sad and lonely. Be men, for men are to be of the light, men are to show compassion and tender mercy.


Become pure, become holy, become as the Mighty Ones of heaven, let love be ever seen. Be women who pray, become women who cry and call upon heaven’s tender mercies. Do not let envy and jealousy reign within your hearts my daughters, love all I send. Be women, for women are to be tender and loving and unafraid to show love and mercy.


Mercy and compassion, kindness and tenderness will fill hearts rooted in goodness. Become pure, become holy, become as your Savior and King and be tender and kind. Remove the bands from your heart, be open in thy love and let thy goodness be seen. I am your Father in heaven and it is my will and my desire that you become pure and holy.


My people, hear my words this day, you must yield and surrender and let the fear to love and trust be ever removed. Be a pure and holy people.”



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