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Ken Nix

Friday, 2/20/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and Mighty King. This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant shall receive words for my people. These are words spoken of the past but are words with application for men living in the latter days. My servant and my daughter go into the cloud of glory but the words given are for all of my people. Days of doubt are upon the earth for the promises of man have faded with the passing of time. So many pretend that man is in control of life’s events and that they are the masters of their own destiny. Within each person there is a destiny of light that was given when life was given. Most do not fulfill the destiny for which they were created, for men seek darkness over light. No man is born evil for all children are born in the light. There is no evil, no sin within an innocent child. Over time children are free to choose darkness or light and given time most learn the pleasures of darkness and forsake the true joy of the light. There is no true and lasting pleasure in the darkness, but man has been deceived to believe lies over truth. The path of holiness is the path of light and is the path that men are created to walk. My servant of the latter days sees the images of a city that is now but dust. This day I share with you a story of a king who was chosen to govern a pure and holy people. He was humble and walked in the way of the light. He had a heart of tenderness and was loving and kind unto all men. He prospered and our blessings were upon him and his kingdom. He sought the law of heaven and he used wisdom in the decisions that he made each day. All was well in his kingdom for the law was light that shined like a beacon unto all who lived within this place of peace.


Then the darkness came, for where there is light the darkness will come, for the darkness senses light and sees the light. The evil ones looked for weaknesses within the wall of light that surrounded the city of love. The dark ones did not have to devise new ways to deceive, for the way of man changes not. Pride is the weapon used to defeat kings and kingdoms. Pride can defeat men from the highest to the lowest of positions, for pride is rooted in darkness and pride defeats light when men allow the root of pride to come within. Evil men came upon the city and told the good king about a neighboring kingdom that was greater than his own and planted jealousy and pride within the heart of the king. He made these men his counselors and he began to build an army so that he could go and take the wealth from the neighboring kingdom. He soon began to tax the people heavily so that he could wear clothing that was grand and he built a castle that showed his power and wealth. The people complained and those who spoke against the king were beaten and some were put to death. The goodness of the king was replaced by a heart of greed and a heart deeply rooted in pride. Soon all he cared about was himself and his pleasure. He surrounded himself with evil men and women, and he walked in the ways of the flesh and the lust for evil filled his heart. Like fog the shadow of darkness flowed over his land and soon most of the people who had walked the path of light now lived in the darkness of evil. Crime became common, and justice was a mockery for the ways of evil feed the darkness and subdues the light. The night came after a banquet with much revelry that the king was drunk and was killed as he slept. The evil men who were his counselors took his kingdom, and the ruler from the neighboring land sent forces to help them to subdue what remained of the light.


Most kingdoms are brought to ruin from within, for darkness will rot the plant and destroy the tree. The fruits of light must be developed in light. When darkness is allowed to come within, the light must fight  darkness with light. The kingdom fell into great darkness and soon it was a place of great evil. It grew in size and power for darkness feeds the darkness, and it became a city of great size and wealth but was a city of darkness. Darkness can defeat those who allow the root of pride to come within hearts of love. The way of darkness has not changed and the evil ones still use pride to defeat those of the light. Pride does not dress as darkness but comes to your door dressed in robes of light, for pride appeals to your wisdom, your honor, your goodness, your value, and your power. Pride lifts up in the areas where you desire to be seen and heard. Pride destroys both rich and poor, for pride is of the darkness and the darkness seeks to destroy all that is of the light.

I tell these things this day for pride is an enemy that never sleeps, and is an enemy that waits at the door. My people allow pride to come into their hearts. Men who claim my name become full of pride. Churches build structures as monuments to themselves, and in the name of faith and in my name the poor are robbed and the rich grow richer. Words spoken as words of light are shrouded in darkness. People all over the earth who claim my name do not walk in my ways, for my ways are of humility and love for there is no pride and no darkness within me. My people, do not allow any pride to come within, for pride will destroy kingdoms of light. Sin is darkness and darkness is always darkness. Many kingdoms that were built now lie in ruin. Empires that spread across the earth are no more. Your nation was a great nation but darkness has spread across a once mighty people and light is lost in the depth of darkness. These are the days when those who are of the light must put on the armor of light and fight against the darkness. You must combat pride and let there be no evil named among you. Seek to be in and of the light always. Castles and kingdoms come and pass away but those who lay up treasures in heavenly places shall remain. Darkness knocks at your door, do not allow evil to come within, for light shall always defeat darkness, but you must choose to walk in the ways of light. Pride is the path to destruction so you must remain humble and walk the paths of holiness.”



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