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Ken Nix

Friday, 2/20/2009


"Things are not what they appear"

Marcia Smeenk

To the casual observer on earth, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.  To the casual observer not on earth, the sun is relatively stationary, but it is the earth that is in motion.  How many years did it take for man to figure that out?  Was it Galileo in the 1500s?  Since then much has been learned about our solar system.  The first satellite, Sputnik, was launched in 1957 by the Russians.  The space program ensued – one of competition – to reach and claim distant moons and planets.  Man walked on the moon in 1969.  The space race was on and flourished, but as our competitors became less of a threat, our drive diminished and the goal lost much of its significance. Our enemy then became our partner on some missions and became our new friend.  Our focus was diverted back to the earthly pursuits. Currently, without additional funding during the 5 year gap between the scheduled end of the shuttle space program in 2010 and the debut of a new system (Constellation), the US would depend on Russia for trips to the International Space Station.

Although the focus of outer space travel has narrowed, exploratory missions are still in progress.  We don’t hear as much about them because once a rocket launches a satellite, it may take many years for it to reach its destination.  Be assured that Mission Control in Houston and Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL) in Pasadena are diligently watching.  But the public has lost interest and it is life as normal.  Occasionally the scientists see a slight deviation in the trajectory of the satellite.  It may only be a minute percentage of a degree, but project that for a few million miles and the target, even a large planet, is missed entirely.  The mission would be a failure if corrections were not made promptly.  Therefore scientists scramble to produce the required torque necessary to get the satellite back on a path which leads it on to its goal.

It is the same with us.  We are set on a path leading to our goal by the Mighty Ones of heaven.  They set the pattern for us but we do not stay the course.  Our initial meanderings may have occurred even before leaving the ground.  All systems were made ready and then we left on our journey to places unknown.  As we travel the course, we may stray off the path just slightly and we may be able to be easily directed back onto the path.  Small corrections made early are easier to accomplish and preferable to greater more difficult corrections made later. A slight deviation could result in an error that becomes impossible to correct if left unchecked. God watches and when he sees a less than straight line, he waits for the perfect time to intervene.  He may give us a personal message addressing the infraction or he may give us a dream to teach us or he may lead us to certain scriptures or messages. However he does it, it is gentle and caring.  We need to heed our messages and give deep thought to our dreams and his nudges via words we are led to read.  The changes to our path must be made or we may miss our target.  What seems normal to us on earth is not what it is from heaven.  Remember the sunrise and sunset.  What is seen on earth is not always what is seen in heaven.

As we run our race, even the slightest deviation of which we may not even be aware, may be occurring as we are seeking God’s will in our lives, and can have major consequences. We need to apply all admonishment and correction we see to ourselves, for we may only be seeing the sun rise in the east and the sun set in the west.  Watch for that slight correction to our paths as it may even come from others’ messages.  Be ever diligent, for our enemy is seeking to partner with us on our mission and is seeking to keep our focus on earthly pursuits.  Take our correction seriously, for our true path can only be seen from heavenly perspectives.





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