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Ken Nix

Friday, 2/20/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. This night I have words to give my people by the power of the cloud of glory. It is my desire that my people know the depth of peace and the joy that peace brings unto your lives. In Parable Forty-six I told you about Thomas Henry and how he would pray that we were always with him. He understood the power of our presence and his faith helped him in adversity, but he eventually lost focus and turned to the darkness. He believed in me and my Father but he did not understand praising us in sunshine or sorrow. Once he returned to the light he learned how to praise us in all things, and for the remainder of his life he had great peace. To know true peace you must be in and of the light, and you must surrender your life and trust in our love and perfect will, and you must praise us in all things.  When he was old he wrote about the peace that filled his life and the lessons he had learned.  I share his words with you this night.

‘My name is Thomas Henry, and this night I have a need to place some thoughts upon paper. I have no family and have no one to mail these words to but feel they must be written. My life has been a struggle at times but in my waning years I have known true joy and peace for I have learned the power of trust and surrender. I spent my early years seeking to understand the presence of God and I somehow knew that he was with me and I found comfort in his presence. In tragedy I lost my wife and children but my faith in God and knowing that he was with me helped me to live. I then was a slave and worked hard labor for seven years. I prayed each day and had faith that God was with me. I had faith, but I still lacked peace for I had no joy. I was in great sorrow, and I had hardness of days, but in my sadness I failed to praise my God and my Savior. I eventually escaped my slavery and God rescued me from the death that would have claimed me in desert sun. He seemed to always rescue me but my life lacked joy for I did not have peace. I became bitter toward God because of the hardships I had suffered and I turned way from my faith and sought to remove God from my thoughts and my life.


For years I was bitter that he had failed me, and I became a drunkard and had more misery than before. I once more became a slave, yet my slavery was not unto man, but I was a slave unto self pity and self righteousness, for I felt that through my life of hardship and faith that somehow I deserved heavenly blessings. In my righteousness I became a fool. God was merciful and he brought me back into his presence. I now understand that to have joy I must trust in him and believe that his will for man is always perfect. God was always with me and spared my life repeatedly when I was in grave danger. Instead of praising him I came to believe that hardship had earned me the right to expect blessings, that God was indebted to me and should balance the scales of life and give me joy. I have learned that peace and joy do not come from life’s circumstances but must be within.  Peace is a gift from God that can not be earned or acquired by our actions. When I reached the depth of darkness he rescued me once more and I understood that I deserved death for my sin, and by his great love, as seen in the death of Jesus, I had life and forgiveness. Now each day I praise them and I lift my hands in worship. I am old and I have no family. I am poor in the eyes of men but rich in the ways of heaven, for I am loved by the Almighty and his beloved Son. I am his child and I shall someday be with them in glory. I have peace in knowing that I deserve nothing, and instead of death I shall be given life everlasting. Peace comes unto those who trust and surrender and unto those who learn to praise God in all circumstances. My Father, you are the potter and I am the clay. Thank you for your perfect love and your perfect will for me. Thou art ever with me, and I praise you for every trial and for every blessing, for in continual worship I now know peace and joy that shall never end. I praise you for a life of great blessings and mercy.’

My people, you must learn the power of trust and surrender and the power found in a life of praise. Lift hands in worship in sunshine or in sorrow, for we are ever with you and our will for your life is perfect. Do not judge with the eyes of the flesh but see the hand of power upon thy spirit. Peace is our gift unto those who trust and surrender and unto those who believe in our love and perfect will.”




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