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Ken Nix

Friday, 2/20/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus; I am your most tender Shepherd and King.  This night I have a blessing for my people.  I share an event that occurred after my death.  Mary was chosen to be my mother and she was tender and kind and had a heart of goodness.  I have shared with you how she became blind in the years after my death and resurrection.  Mary Magdalene took her in and cared for her for Mary was also of a most kind and tender spirit.  Hear their words as they speak of love, mercy and tenderness.  Let these words soften hearts that still resist the power of our love.

‘Mary, my daughter, thank you for a most wonderful meal.  You are so kind to go to so much effort for me.  I am blessed among women to have one such as you to look after me.  Your heart is a heart of tender love.  The fire feels so warm. I love a fire at night.  Sitting before it brings back such wonderful memories.’

‘Mary, you are as a mother unto me and I love you with all of my heart.  I am glad that you enjoyed our evening meal.  It was not a lot but I praise the Great I AM and our Lord and Messiah for their continual blessings upon us.  We have shelter, food and a warm fire so we are richly blessed.  The fire makes me reflect as well.  Some of my most precious memories are of times like these where our brethren sit before the fire and talk about the Messiah who touched our lives.  Can you share more stories with me this night my mother?’

‘Dear child, you have heard most all my stories.  You know I can spend hours talking about Jesus.  He was and is the most tender and loving person I have ever known.  I do have stories that speak of his great love and tenderness if you desire to hear.’

‘Oh Mary, you know that I, too, can speak about him at length.  We are so blessed to have known him and to have spent so many hours with him.  I will add wood to the fire and we shall speak of our Messiah and King.’

‘I will share with you two stories that show his great love and mercy, and both of these have not been shared before.  I praise him for he gives my old memories power and brings to mind events of a most blessed life.  When Jesus was seventeen he was very much aware of who he was and what his destiny was to be.  He did not heal the sick for it was not yet time, but he showed mercy and love unto all.  He would work long hours with Joseph, and then at night he would visit our neighbors and do acts of kindness for them.  As you know, he dearly loved the children and the aged.  He had such tenderness unto them.  We had a neighbor who was dear unto us and his beloved wife died one winter.  Jesus chopped wood each week and took it to our dear friend who was grieving at such a loss.  Jesus would visit him often and sit and listen as the elderly man spoke of his youth and his beloved.  Jesus would laugh at his stories and weep with the old man when he spoke of his beloved wife.  Jesus would butcher a sheep and take food  unto him and tenderly cared for our dear friend.  He had no sons so Jesus took the place of a son.  This man was one of many.  Jesus seemed to need little sleep, and most nights he would walk the streets and pray blessings upon homes and the people who slept peacefully inside.  He was always a servant and a vessel of love.  Our elderly friend became very sick and Jesus was moved with compassion.  He so desired for him to be healed.  He began to fast and for seven days he prayed through the night and worked each day.  After the seventh night his heavenly Father healed the man and he was restored.  When Jesus came home that morning his robe was clinging to his knees for he had prayed so fervently that his knees had bled and the robe dried to his skin.  I washed and bandaged his wounds.  His knees were bloody for the skin was gone.  He was so tender and sacrificed for others.

The second story is about his tenderness unto me.  Not long before his death he came home one night.  I was alone and had fallen asleep in front of the fire. I found comfort sitting there and remembering times of a life of blessings.  I heard him but did not let him know that I had awakened.  He gently lifted me in his powerful arms and held me close to his breast.  He carried me to my bed and gently laid me upon it.  Then he did the most tender act of love unto me.  He sat beside me and began stroking my hair with his hand of love.  He did not speak but words were not needed.  Then as I lay there he began to weep, and I felt his tears fall upon my face and head.   He cried, and his tears of love fell upon my brow and lips.  I then reached up and we embraced.  He kissed my forehead and caressed my hair and left.  I heard him leave before dawn.  No words were spoken, but his actions spoke unto me more than a thousand words.  I can still feel his tears and his caress of love.’

‘Mary, blessed mother, thank you for those most wonderful stories.  I weep for I can see him so vividly in my thoughts.  I, too, have felt his strong hands of love.  He was a most merciful and kind man.  He is our King, and he hears, for I feel his spirit within.  Thank you Mary for sharing your love with me.’

My people, let these words from the cloud of glory lead you to repentance and surrender.  The ways of tenderness are the ways of heaven.  Be kind and tender unto all men.  Let the touch of love be felt by those you love and by the stranger and those lost and hurting.  I give these words unto my servant, but these words are to be shared and shall go forth.  Melt your hearts of stone and become people not afraid to weep and not afraid to love.  My love and mercy come upon you this day.  Feel my presence and feel my love.”





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