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Ken Nix

Friday, 2/20/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus your Savior and King.  This day I take my servant and my daughter into the cloud of glory to receive words of love and words about the power of mercy.  This is a story of the power of love and the power of a tender heart rooted in goodness.  Even in adversity you are to be kind and you are to be merciful.  This story shall help my people to learn the power of love and the power of mercy.  The young girl I tell you of this day lived a life of goodness and she learned the power of a heart rooted in love.  Her name in English was Mary but that was not the name given unto her at birth.  She was born in Africa unto a proud people who were warriors and walked in witchcraft and sorcery.  Her mother was tender hearted and spoke to her daughter about the ways of love and kindness.  When Mary was ten years old slave traders came to her village and took most of the men and all the women and children.  They were herded onto a ship like cattle and taken to America where they were sold into slavery.  At the auction Mary was sold to a man from Alabama and was taken from her mother. I give you the final words they were able to speak unto one another.

‘Mama, I am afraid for I shall go from you and may never see you again.  The men are cruel and many have been beaten.  I do not understand their words and all I see in their eyes is hatred and evil.  How will I survive in a world where I am hated and treated as an animal?’

‘My child, remember my words unto you. Be kind unto all men and women.  Show mercy and tenderness unto all.  You will be with others from our village and of our kind.  Show love unto them and become friends with them for they will help you.  Be obedient and do all that is asked of you.  Show kindness even unto your enemy.  Our men have fought many years and the ways of hatred and war only lead to hardship and suffering.  Let the light of love be ever seen.  I love you my child and I shall miss you. Live my child, live and prosper.’

Mary was taken to the plantation where she lived for eighty years.  Her story is one of great power for she listened to her mother and became a woman of great love and was kind and merciful unto all men.  She endured many hardships and suffered from loneliness and had days of sadness.  Each day she rose up and worked hard and did all that was asked of her.  Her owner was very firm but was kind unto all who obeyed.  However, he would severely punish anyone who tried to run away or who was disobedient.

I want you all to see what happens to anyone who tries to run away.  You can not escape due to your color.  Wherever you run others will know that you have run off and you will be beaten and brought back.  This man has run off twice.  Today he shall be punished with a whip. If he runs away again, he shall be hung and all shall see him hang here until the sun rots his flesh.  I will be good to all who obey, but you are my property and must do as commanded.’

Mary learned to speak English and she became a friend to all the other slaves.  Her master saw her heart of goodness and took her from the fields and let her be a cook in his home.  She married another slave named Jacob and they had eight children.  She learned the ways of natural remedies from an old woman and became one who nursed the sick.  Her heart of love was seen by others, and even other plantation owners would send for her to nurse other slaves.  Even though she was a house worker, she lived in a shack with her husband and children.  When she was twenty-five, she heard a preacher speak of me and my Father and she was baptized and was faithful.  She led others to the light and lived a life of goodness.  She taught her children the power of love and the power of goodness and mercy.  She was skilled in the ways of natural remedies, and our hand was with her and many were made well.  She only nursed those of her race for the white men would not allow her touch upon their families.  One night her life changed.

‘Mary, I come unto you this day asking for your help.  My son William is very sick and the doctor says there is no hope and he will die.  He is only nine and my only son.  You have been a good slave, and I see how you doctor the sick and I have seen the results you have achieved.  I ask this day to come to my home and try to save the life of my son.  Will you do this thing for me?’

‘Good master, why do you ask this of me?  I am yours and you can order me to do this and I will obey.’

‘Mary, this is an act of kindness and this I do not command.  I come to you asking for help and for your prayers and your tenderness to help my son.  If you do this thing I shall reward you with freedom and you shall no more be a slave.’

‘I do this for you and your son for it is the way of my Lord and Savior.  I do not do this for any reward or favor.’

Our hand was with Mary and we healed her master’s son.  He gave her papers saying she was free.  She could not read but she placed the papers in a box and would look at them on occasion.  She told her master that her family and brethren were upon his land and she desired to stay.  She lived to be ninety-one years old.  She had eight children and thirty-six grandchildren and great grandchildren.  She lived a life of  goodness and was greatly loved by all who knew her.  When she died a kind man who was his father’s only son came unto her home.  He gave all a day of rest.  Every slave and every member of his family came to her funeral.  She was laid to rest separate from her husband and two children.  Her grave was in the family plot and she was buried with the man who bought her and with his family.  This act of kindness was not done in her day and is a testimony to the power of love and a life lived in goodness and mercy.”



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