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Ken Nix

Friday, 2/20/2009

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender Shepherd.  This day my servant of the latter days and my daughter shall go into my Father’s cloud of glory.  This day you shall receive more instruction on the power of mercy, love and tenderness.  By the power of the cloud I shall show my servant the events of a life filled with sadness, a life wasted and also a life spent in love and service.  Both faced obstacles in their lives, but one became bitter and the other became a beautiful portrait of love and mercy. These words are for my people, for I desire each of you to become people who show love and mercy unto all.  It does not matter if another person is unkind to you.  It does not matter if they appreciate or acknowledge your love, mercy and kindness. You are to be kind and loving and merciful, for you are mine and goodness is the way of the light.  The man whose life I give you a glimpse of this day is named William and his wife’s name is Martha.  His is a story of sadness.  Her story is also of sadness, but shows how love, mercy and tenderness are to ever be evident in people who are of me.  William was descended from Armenius, known to you as the Roman Soldier.  Let the men of my flock examine their hearts to see if there are traces of this man’s reflection in their hearts, and let the women see if Martha’s reflection is within their hearts.

‘William, it is late and you have had much to drink.  I will be closing soon.  Why don’t you run along home to Martha and the girls?  You have been here every night this week.  I am sure they miss you and would love having you kiss them goodnight.’

‘Ha!  That is funny, Sam.  My wife is a hag and my children are all brats.  They care nothing about me.  Do you think I would sit here night after night if I had a beautiful and loving wife and well mannered children waiting for me at home?’

Sam just shook his head, for he knew that Martha was a woman of great beauty and also the most loving and kind woman he had ever known.  William’s children were lovely and very well mannered.  William had three daughters and a wife who had a heart of goodness.  He was bitter and went throughout each day blaming others for his failures.  He mostly blamed Martha, for he felt his shortcomings were due to her.  He lived in self pity and darkness.  He had a treasure of rare beauty, and daughters who walked in heavenly light, but he was blinded by the hardness of his cold heart.  He had not always been a man without love; for once he loved Martha with all of his heart and being.

‘Martha, today I am the luckiest man alive.  I am so blessed to have you as my wife.  You could have had any man you desired, and praises to God, you chose me!  I shall forever cherish you and love you.  May a cross or unkind word never be spoken between us.  I love you, Martha.’

‘I am blessed, William, for you are handsome, strong, and gentle.  I have never heard you be unkind in your words or fail to show tenderness unto others.  You are not like your father.  You are of a tender spirit and I love you.  I promise to always love you no matter what life may bring.’

Martha was faithful in her promise, but William’s words were not from a heart of love, for he was judgmental and only showed love where there was gain to be found.  He failed in business and it was always the fault of others.  They had their three daughters quickly and by the age of thirty, William was a drunkard and a man without love in his heart.  He worked enough to feed his family, but they were poor and did not know many of life’s material blessings.  Martha was a beacon of light and love.  She was always kind and tender and taught her daughters the ways of love, mercy, and tenderness.  When he was forty, William was drunk while operating equipment and he lost both of his legs in an accident.  By age fifty, he also became blind.  He was a man full of bitterness and a man with a heart of stone.  He was surrounded by beauty and love that he failed to see, even when he had eyes to see.  Love and beauty can be seen with a heart of love even when the eyes are dim.  William never knew this.  Martha took care of him faithfully.  She was ever kind and loving, and treated him with love and tenderness.  She had a heart of love and kept the vows she made before me and did not fail in her covenant of love.  She cried at night in her bed alone on occasion, but always asked me to forgive her for her self-pity.  She was a remarkable woman and great shall be her reward in my Kingdom of Light.  When William was sixty-three, Martha died.  Their oldest daughter came into his room to give him the word of her passing.

‘Father, are you awake?  Can I speak with you?  It’s about mother.’

‘What do you want?  It’s not time to feed me yet, and I have no need of you.  Where is your lazy mother?  What is her reason for not coming to take care of me?’

‘Her reason, you heartless man, is that she is dead.  She passed last night in her sleep.  I came to tell you and to let you know that she gave me a letter several years ago and asked me to read it to you when she died, for she knew she would go first.  She was the most wonderful woman, and we were blessed by her presence.  Do you wish to hear her words at this time?’

‘Well since you woke me, you might as well read it.  What is to become of me now?  Who will take care of me, for I am crippled and blind and cannot take care of myself.’

‘My dearest William, your hearing these words means I have died.  I regret that I was not able to care for you until your end comes.  This is a letter of love, for I love you.  Life has not been kind to you, and I have tried to show you love each day.  I made a promise unto you and I have been faithful.  I have taught our daughters to be kind and loving unto all people.  You have not told me that you love me since the second year of our marriage.  I always hoped that you would speak those words.  I have told you that I love you every day of  my life.  Now in my death, I shall tell you one last time.  I love you and tried to show you love and mercy.  I made a commitment and a covenant.  I have kept the solemn vow and have loved you by the letter.  I based my love not upon words spoken in marriage, but by the letter of a greater law and based on a greater love.  I have loved you, for God is love, and you are a child of God.  I love for it is the way of heaven.  I have shown you tenderness and mercy, for that is also the way of heaven.  My love is based on the word of God and the actions of God and my precious Savior.  I have prayed for you often and never gave up hope that love would grow within your heart.  Rebecca is our oldest child, and she will take you in, for she knows how to love by the letter and by every word spoken by her Savior.  May God bless you, my husband.’

‘So that means you will give me a home, my daughter?’

‘Yes, father.  I shall obey my mother’s request, for she has taught us the way of love.  In her words and in her actions, she loved, and she was a woman of great tenderness.’

William died five years later.  He never shed a tear over a life wasted, and he never shed a tear over the precious jewels that had been given unto him.  Martha shall rise up in my great day and shall stand upon crystal sea, as will her three daughters, for they loved by the letter.  Love, for it is the right thing to do.  Be kind, for I am kind.  Be gentle, for I am gentle.  Live based on our words and our example.  God is love and I am love.  Learn the ways of love.  Be kind and loving even unto those who never speak a kind word unto you.  Love, for it is the way of heaven, love, for it is my desire of you.”



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